This ain't right!

no death is right…


So sad. May he RIP.

Na hizi cameras Safaricom wanaweka all over kwani bado hazijaanza kufanya kazi ama tena zitakuwa kama zile za Kidero?

But anyway Kenyan cops are never interested in solving murder cases.

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Seems like an execution to me.

I know this guy. Used to work for an international consultancy firm, then went to Keroche, then now Nakumatt. He unearthed a scandal that showed employees were stealing.RIP.

Yeah he actually unearthed 2 scandals, and was working on a big one showing how cashiers and other employees were
embezzling millions of shillings .I guess they decided to finish him before it blows up so sad :frowning: he had just proposed to his girlfriend and has a
young child with her…may he R.I.P

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Kama ya Muchai watu walisahau, hii nayo naipa three hours, kenya for you

so sad… May his soul rest in peace

But there are other forms of vengeance…doesn’t have to end with cold blood murder!

sure…dats cowardly of the perpetrators