Thinking Critically

I have been thinking about these whole issue of the bing bang theory being one of the theories that explain the origin of the universe. But my question is where on earth did any bang bring order? And this being one of the bangs i think one needs more faith to believe in it than to believe in God.

What about God having a son and no wife?

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Clarify your question. I cant understand what you are asking

Knowing God as all powerful and a God of no impossibilities makes that easy to understand.


I asked, where on earth did any band bring order? Because all bangs are associated with disorder…

Makes it even harder. That he would have to impregnate a woman to bring Himself/Son into the world, grow up from baby to man then die rather just show up and do what needs to be done.

From the big bang, the universe was initially in disorder, but with billions of years, things have gone from a high energy state to one of low energy (read disorder to order).
Thing of a firework exploding. From the initial heat and noise, the sparks gradually go from glowing (high energy) to cooling and disappearing (low energy).

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One thing you should know is that God does not need anything to bring forth something… Then they are considerd one. You cant separate the three

Apparently he needs something for something to be brought forth. I could be wrong but think every instance of him doing something required him to “have” something…to make woman he needed a rib, to save noah and the animals he needed a boat, to have Jesus he needed Mary, to make the wine at the wedding he needed water, to die he needed judas to betray him, he needed a few witnesses to see he had died and resurrected(rather than show up to the entire town that he was back and prove his point)…

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Adam was created and no copulation was necessary…I serve a mighty GOD

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Test-tube babies can be made with no copulation…


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