Things that make you go..

The principal of Mawaka Secondary School, in drunken stupor, was unapologetic and even engaged the TSC CEO in a verbal exchange.

Mr Christopher Maisiba appeared not worried about the interrogation, occasionally smiling sheepishly.

The teacher was angered when Ms Macharia asked him why he reported to work while under the influence of alcohol.

“Bwana (Mr), how do you manage the examination in your school with this kind of behaviour?" posed Ms Macharia.

Mr Maisiba replied: ''I am not drunk as my colleagues are saying. I only woke up late and came hurriedly to pick the exam papers."

The teacher, dressed in a black suit and a striped shirt without a tie, struggled to control the power of alcohol over him, but his spirited attempt to feign normalcy failed and he was arrested on the orders of Nakuru County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha.

kazi ya TSC CEO kama wewe si mrs haifai upewe hio kazi .

The formal way of addressing a lady is Ms., whether she is married or not. Mrs. presumes you know something that has nothing to do with the job.

Tuonyeshe matacore ama coomer ndio tukuite ms

mbona sijawai ona bibi ya Uhunye akiitwa ms Margaret Kenyatta

Take a mirror (full boy), drop your pants, turn around, bend over and spread your cheeks. Don’t mind the stench, that’s just your brains.

You can say that about a billion (1,000,000,000) more women. What’s your point?


I wonder why it is complicated. There was a time I called a lady (sijui niseme a woman…) ‘Miss/Miz’, nilijibiwa mbaya ati “don’t ever call me that again…etc etc”.
Nowadays I stick to name or just hi

Because we know who Kenyatta is.
Huyo wa TSC ukimwita Mrs Macharia alafu uskie Macharia kumbe ni babake.

Is this the same woman Macharia who had serious disagreements with Matiang’i? @uwesmake tomba io mungich mwanamke iwache kuaibisha wanaume

Huyu definitely si N.V, very fast with comeback sweeps

If you let them harass you, they will never stop.

Shikilia hapo wakanyaks

Mimi natumianga madam its simple

Hata mimi.

hio madam ndio hawapendi kapsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . ni kama umemtusi .