Things spiralling Out of Control

After wale majamaa wamechujwa job jana, kampuni pia ikapigwa fine, sasa maneno iko hapa juu ya ile hashtag ya boycottEABL


The new feminist CEO?

Boyshaod tumetuma female mercenaries wa-infiltrate hawa mafeminists wawavuruge. Hawa mamluki wako na piercings na tattoos but for now we’ll overlook


What happens when women rule the world!

CAK and EABL are headed by feminazis

Feminists never want to hear that statement “kama hutaki mwanamme, hata pesa zake, mali yake wachana nayo.”… this is the truth feminists don’t want to hear… it will keep many ladies out of trouble, …
Ukisema unaambiwa unatukanana, yet this is what i tell my sisters and cousins… and would sit down my daughter and tell her…

Unaona mahali tumefika? Full grown jamaaz hawana sauti they have to be defended by a tattoo ridden sleikuin for their voices to be heard!

I think I need to modify my taste as far as beer is concerned. Hao wamama wakunywe eabl fakkit.

fukkk eabl and their shittt products


My observations on this noise.

If you have men and women engage in any task or activity,chances are one of the gender will see things from a sexual angle.

For women it will be celebrated when they do so,for men you will be objectifying women.

While violence is bad, women have normalised ‘stealing’ from men by making them believe they will get laid by first spending their cash…you know technically that’s fraud/just stealing

When it’s pointed out maybe women are different from men,feminists rise up in arms saying that’s demeaning women.

So it’s just confusion.


Wakunywe kiniss…

There is nothing more dangerous than a weak man

Hapa tuko pamoja. Naona boyshaud ameshikwa balls.

Just discovered that summit lager beer is palatable to my test buds.

The end goal is LGBTQ+.

Firing the radio team was enough, the point was made. All these other things are a matter of picking up a sledge hammer to kill a fly.

The stage is being set, the narrative being controlled towards this isht.

By controlling what we say, hawa modern liberals are a dangerous lot… they want freedom of speech but you can only say things they agree with, or scripted nonsense…

By threatening people with dismissal at the work place, people will be shut down…

these days even calling a person of the female gender “a woman” can get you fired…