Vindu Vichengaja, Vindu Vikollapsanga, Vindu Vingetaga HOT.

Things fall apart, the centre can hold no more. Is the scenario Mr. Okonkwo found himself (Chinua Achebe)

Okonkwo was a HERO, he was a successful MAN by any standards. Materially rich and had several WAR trophies, He used to drink Porridge from a HUMAN SKULL of one of his prolific KILLS in battle.

In Wrestling they said his back never TOUCHED the ground, he was a wrestler per excellence. To add onto his achievements he was also an EGUGU. A spiritual protector of the TRIBE.

NASA flag bearer has been a Man of many seasons, he survived jail and torture for 9yrs and triumphed. He Joined the multiparty agitators and became one the the few politicians to shape the Kenyan Political Landscape.

In opposition he kept the government in check and unearthed many under dealings and wrong doings. He became an Enigma and developed a cult like following among his crop.

BUT like OKONKWO, (ELECTION 2017) THINGS FALL APART. OKONKWO realized too late that the ground had changed. The TRIBE he used to protect had turned to Christianity. The Warrior Like Tribe that he had dazzled with his Battle tactics and wrestling skills no longer admired neither desired his services.

They had become “CIVILIZED” and preferred the “White Mans” way of doing things. OKONKWO had to face prosecution for beheading a government officer. His tribesmen deserted him and did not want to be associated with the Murder. OKONKWO had to HANG himself to death to avoid the “White Mans” COURT.

NASA flag bearer should get in touch with reality on the ground. He should realize times have changed,. KALONZO, MUDAVADI and WETA have no appetite to visit BENSOUDA. They will steer clear of any MASS ACTION call that can turn them. into HAGUE VISITORS. They saw Uncle Willie spend 7yrs to extricate himself from the ICC quagmire. Not forgetting his influential VPs position and the push by A.U

The 2022 Card is already playing hard against RAILA,. In JOHOs swearing in today AMASON KINGI declared either him or JOHO will carry the flag for PRESIDENT. That’s affirming KALONZO as a non Entity, a supposedly BABAs predecessor.

MDVD and WETA have also declared 2022 as their deserved RIGHT of making a stab at the big SEAT. Casting aspersions to a BABA-KALONZO handover.

In the Grand Scheme of things, BABA is now CARCASS for HOUNDS. His Generals are busy dividing up his EMPIRE. The CENTRE can hold no more and THINGS are FALLING APART. BABA has pushed his luck too far and the end is NIGH.


Belshazzar Empire, the Mighty BABYLON was taken by the KING of the MEDES.

“Mene Mene Terkel Perez”


Are you saying we will bury the man of titles, an egwugwu, like a dog?


#youtube John De’Mathew - Mene Mene Tekeli

you forgot to include he also enriched himself through corrupt deals like molasses, triton, Kkv etc at the same time


kua mpole

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The biggest blow is that the guys who are already elected will give mass action a wide berth, eg Nyongo will want to keep Kisumu a good destination for investment, Joho is praying that Baba exits fast, Orengo is seeing sweet revenge exacted on the guy who blocked him so strongly in the days gone, Oparanya doesnt want to continue paying alegiance and money to an old geezer, and most ODM MPs are having a distant taste of freedom. If theres a way they can hasten it, they will do. And that will be the end of baba


Dude! That is a very apt ascription for our times.

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Mnajidanganya. Raila is here to stay.