Things are Thick: Sponsor wa assmio Amekataa Kuachilia Pesa, hahaaa

assmio is about to disintegrate. The sponsors has refused to release money. I think wameona hio bet itaungua. Ndo maana unaona ata campaigns zao zimepungua juu hakuna doh ya kuzifanya. babu hana bahati.

Mkalethug when did you became the prophet of doom and gloom. Hii makali will take you to grave earlier. Hii baridi unafaa kuwa una furahia maisha na soft meat.

Mama Ngina wanted gideon, settled for RAT but roho ijakubali fully. Pesa anatoa kama dawa. We are 5 weeks to the general elections but ASSimio is a campaign of chaos and uncertainty. How very good for us Kenya Kwanza

They know they have lost. Hata the psycho supporters know things are bad. Look at odm in 2007, cord in 2013 and naswa in 2017. They had some measure of confidence. Even misplaced confidence. Lakini now, they just draw lines and dashes. Their camp is just giving up on whole region’s due to time. RV forget, mt Kenya climbing mara 20 failed and sponsor Jayden is afraid of being booed at home. North Kenya ni vita tu Kwa rallies that they have to sanitize using creative media lenses. Western and coast in open large rebellion against mganga. Ukambani so badly treated before Kalonzo returned such that grudges, mistrust and bad vibe has made the region annoyed.

All said and done. The biggest problem is harsh economic times that is manifested in the country. The anger of that is directly going to uhuru. Everything he touches, endorses and promotes will be vilified. That is the brothers fate. Rebellion at the ballot.

This is a strategic tactical pause to take a breathe.
Next lap will be like a carpet bombing door to door campaign, led by baba na mama

Media inapromote Azimio fully…all the media stations

Meanwhile, you two should worry about this: :D:D:D

[SIZE=7]Gachagua on the Spot After Asking Rift Valley Youth to Stop Stealing Cows[/SIZE]
[li]By PAUL KURGAT on 28 June 2022 - 7:04 pm[/li]
Kenya Kwanza running mate Rigathi Gachagua addresses residents in Nandi County
Kenya Kwanza presidential running mate, Rigathi Gachagua, is a man under siege after a video of him asking a certain community from Rift Valley to stop stealing cattle from neighbouring communities. established that Gachagua made the comments during a rally in Njoro, Nakuru County on Friday, June 24, reviving the ‘Give Gachagua The Mic’ calls from the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya.
In the clip, which has since gone viral, he asked the tribesmen from the community in question to refrain from the theft of cattle, further challenging the youth to respect the property of other people.
Kenya Kwanza running mate Rigathi Gachagua

"I want you to promise me that the issue of stealing cows owned by other communities must come to an end. Let’s respect one another so that everyone reaps what they sowed.

“We ask that people to keep off from their neighbour’s cows and guard their own. Are we together?” Gachagua posed.

Notably, part of the video had been left out to give the context of his remarks, with opponents using the clip to score political points while others have accused him of attacking a community closely linked to his boss, Deputy President William Ruto.
The Mathira Member of Parliament had initially lauded the tribesmen for maintaining peaceful co-existence with their neighbours despite provocation to causing trouble during the electioneering period.
He noted that the frustrations being meted of DP Ruto was a trap set for the community, with those planning it hoping that the community would act indecently by attacking its neighbours.
“I want to ask you, the people from the… (community name redacted), we know the day they started attacking Ruto, they were targetting you so that you can cause havoc. However, you guys are smart, you read their intentions and chose to maintain peace,” he stated.
Gachagua particularly accused one politician from the region of allegedly inciting other tribes against the one in question and causing tension with the aim of causing full-blown chaos.
Consequently, he asked the youth to focus on farming and fend for themselves, emphasizing that they should continue respecting their neighbours and live in harmony.

"There is a politician here who is trying to bring incitement in Njoro, and I want to urge you not to accept it.
“I am pleading with the youth from that community to respect the other tribes and live like brothers and sisters. Return to the farms, even the few whose work is to steal cattle,” added Gachagua.

Wewe chokosh unafanya nini kwa thread ya msito.

Mkalethug tuma handout banae.

Stay away from my cow.