Things are getting Elephant

Waaah …
Moto hapa …
Can anyone give a brief translation of what he said …??? :smiley: :smiley:


He is saying the same thing we keep telling akina @Finest wine na fellow hasoras hapa… the game plan ni kugawanya kura ya watu wa Mlimani. After that, they will be left out in the cold despite their famed tyranny of numbers. I can see the message is finally hitting home.

Ati kura zao ni “swing votes” :smiley:

Rrr rrr rrr ndredd drr kura drr drr drr drr krr lllnn

What I call total hogwash. Who the flying ferk is Kiunjuri to some of us? a ferking nobody. He has no right to tell the Mountain nada about bla bla bla swing votes. The person who divided the Mountaineers fair and sq is Uhuru. And or that reason anyone he tries to sell to us is rotten. Hatusikii ng’ooo. At the end of the day we all know that everyone of them tumbocrats wants a portion of our votes but he Kiunjuri wants IT all.
Hizo speech zake apelekee bibi yake kama bedtime lullaby stories…she might listen.
Haha not me and my ilk.

Gameplan is in the mind of you Jakuonists. You can’t sleep wondering where we will be voting…has it never occured to you that Kyuks don’t really care where you are all voting? Kyuks huwa mainly interested in knowing that they can do bizna anywhere in Kenya peacefully. Even the moron Kiunjuri acknowledged that. Ni hayo tuu kwa sasa.

Uhuru has done nothing for the people who voted him in. Aki ya Mungu. Look at that, people are being killed when Uhuru is president. What was the benefit of voting him if he cannot deal with bandits.

Mimi sipigi kura so Jakuon hata yangu haoni… I can’t book a flight nikatafutie mtu job. But tutaendelea kusema, kura cierekere kuhurunjwo :D. You all thought you had taken the mountain to the Sugoi thief but it’s turning out you over-promised ndio mana ‘Kaunjuri’ amechapa u-turn

Happens every time tukikaribia election.

Everyone has a right to vote in a thief of their choice. You are missing my point…which is we don’t really care where anyone else is voting. Mtu ata vote whoever they deem fit. So stop watching and hovering over the mountain’s votes. Pointless. Do your bit to keep Sugoi out of SH with your one vote. The least you can do.

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Figsed… for all sundry. Including wale wanafikiria ati mlima yote imeenda to the Rift :smiley:

Kiunjuri is right. Mt Kenya needs to speak in one voice under one umbrella and negotiate with others in 2022. Moses Kuria said the same thing juzi when he said he wont join UDA. And its the same thing that uhuru has been saying.

The Chicken’s are coming home to roost …

6 years ago you were all cheering the Jubilee “Hustlers” …

Remember what our famous US Cousin Barrack told you …???

“…Choices have Consequences…” :D:D

Hii ni entrapment.

You people live on hope. From denial ‘kyuks are fully with muthamaki’ to ‘rented kyuks’ now it’s divided kyuks. Keep your hopes up

Finest wine…uhuru just rode on mountaineers sheep mentality.
The splits because guys realised it was all smoke and mirrors…there is a clear hustler dynasty divide WITHIN the mountain…and uhuru and co showed yall on whose side their on.
Its time people took responsibility for their actions…dont blame uhuru.
All i can say to uhuru is well played.

Kwa raha zako na wale wote wanaona the great Mountain in their daily activities as elections loom. It can never ever ever be me, I tell you. Ati nishinde hapo nikiangalia who is voting who…nijikute. Ama niingie mtandaoni ni-tag mtu fulani because she/he has dissenting views …walahibinlahi…
Kwenye niko I couldn’t tell you who is voting for who. Hata kwa job pale Westminster we have purdah upon us before elections.

What responsibities are you on about? I supported Jubilee as in 2 people named Uhuru and Ruto. One greedy one decides to ditch the other arm of Jubilee and courts the very person we voted against and he expects us to dance to his tune? It ain’t gonna be me am afraid.
Dude, the obsessing with the mountain votes is nauseating to a great extent. My advice to Jakuonists over the years has always been consistent…let me spell it out again…
‘Please go and vote whoever you wanna vote in and leave the rest of the world well alone’. I can’t say this louder…that I don’t ask my friends IRL ‘to open their eyes and see what I am seeing…’ which is the highway Kiunjuri was treading on today in his little speech. Kila mtu na kura yake kwa debe…
I know who I will be voting against!

Figsed :smiley:

Responsibility cor the decision you so willingly took…rather than PORK DIVIDED THIS AND THAT…rephrase to i admit i myself made the wrong decision…raila uhuru mudavadi kalonzo ruto weta have been part of the establishment thats screwed this country for yonks…they are not worthy of my vote…i will vote for this other candidate who may not be as flashy but atleast has clean hands and his/her manifesto presents a sober approach to running the country.
Thats what i mean…it starts with the individual…NOT THE CANDIDATE…DONT BLAME A DECEPTIVE CANDIDATE…BLAME YOURSELF.
Yes the elevation the kiuk community gets at the expense of others is disgusting…and im being diplomatic…so much so that i dont discuss it.
I agree with you…kila mtu apigie kura mtu anataka…well and good…but lets improve our decision making as individuals and do the right thing vote with clear heads and not emotion…use your vote to improve your situation and not settle vendettas…and take responsibility for the vote you cast dont blame the candidate. Msicheswe mjipange.

??? You tagged me to this bullcrap not the other way round.