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Police in Thika are looking for a woman who allegedly stabbed her husband to death using three knives during a domestic quarrel.
The woman, only identified as Wangari, is believed to have used a kitchen knife to kill Fredrick Mwangi Gitau.
Gitau, a caretaker at an apartment situated in Ngoiwa estate, was stabbed on Thursday night after a scuffle with the woman.
Neighbours informed police who collected the body on Friday after the mother of two - a former barmaid - fled.
Wangari left with her daughter whom they sired with the 30-year-old man. She also had a three-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

What has come of women? Sad.


Na mkiambiwa mambo ya singo matha mwache mnakataa kusikia.


yaani marriage is now more and more like Russian Roulette? scary. actuarial statistics should review its impact on life expectancy.


Utasikia wanawake wakimtetea ati ‚Äúyou don‚Äôt know what she was going through‚ÄĚ.


These women!


life is sustained when a number of factors meet to establish a certain equilibrium where needs are met. when an outside influence enters the orbit -such as an outside influence, cheap intoxicants…- things will go haywire especially if the parties involved are not equipped to handle the stresses that come with the state of disequilibrium…the results can be dire…


Kuna priest flani roho ngumu sana anaitwa father mirango hapa nakuru diocese… Ana haribia ma father wenzake jina

Mambo yao ni ngumu

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Boss it’s called SNAP, it knows no boundaries my friend. Snap takes different direction in both men and women.

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Francis Mwangi Gitau alijaribu kufuga kunguru.

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From the ‚Äėweaker sex‚Äô to the predators or the ‚Äėviolent sex‚Äô. Whaaaat!

Hehehehe, kuna faa kuwa na table that has tribe, income level, education level, how hot the lady is … then unacheki your risk level


…:eek::eek::eek: , kama periodic table of elements?


3 knives!

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one could have done the job but nothing is logical in the frenzy induced by passion…


leta hekaya mblo…

Singo matha ni shetani reincarnated. So many unresolved emotions from the previous relationship atakuletea kwako. Wale watu wameoa kwanza recently sijui kama mtaona vision 2030.

i’ll disagree with you my friend. do not, nay, never generalize people; each one is a product of their own experiences including those married bila extras…and each one of them come with their own complexities…


Brother gashwin not all snakes are venomous but when one appears in the house you will always try an kill it not pet it…