involving a BMW X6

The X6 Caught fire




I think the X6 has an issue, this is the third I have heard of catching fire another one did the same in a garage,

Recalls Link:

Kwa anticlick brigade this is a snippet

BMW X6 Recall Information

NEWS: BMW is recalling certain 2012-2013, BMW X5 and X6 vehicles
NHTSA Campaign ID number: 12V267000 @ www.Safercar.Gov

JUNE 2012 – BMW is recalling certain model year 2012 X5 vehicles equipped with a diesel engine and 2013 X5 and X6 vehicles. Due to a machining error of the steering gear surface, power steering fluid may leak. Leaking power steering fluid can spray onto hot exhaust parts, increasing the risk of an engine compartment fire. Bmw will notify owners, and dealers will inspect, and if necessary, replace the steering gear free of charge. The safety recall is expected to begin during july 2012. Owners may contact BMW customer relations and services at FREE. Customers may contact the national highway traffic safety administration’s vehicle safety hotline at FREE (tty: FREE); or go to http://www.Safercar.Gov. [B] 12V-267

NEWS: BMW recalling 32,000 vehicles over engine fire risks

DETROIT NEWS – November 1, 2011 – BMW AG said Saturday it is recalling 32,000 vehicles to replace potentially faulty electric auxiliary water pumps that can overheat and cause a vehicle fire.

The German automaker said the recall covers 2008-2011 5-Series, 5-Series Gran Turismo, 7-Series, X5 SAV, and X6 SAV models that have eight- or 12-cylinder turbocharged engines.

The recall comes after BMW found at least 102 cases of pump failures worldwide — including two engine-compartment fires. BMW said it is unaware of any crashes or injuries as a result of the condition.

The auxiliary pump helps cool the turbocharger during some driving conditions and in some cases can fail, causing the circuit board to overheat. That could lead to a fire. BMW said in most cases drivers will be alerted by a warning message on the instrumental cluster during driving.

BMW first discovered the issue in June 2009 on test vehicles. In April 2010, a smoldered electrical cable of the water pump was found on a BMW-owned vehicle.

The company set up a task force in May 2010 after two customer vehicles reported burned engine compartments.

Dealers will replace the electric auxiliary water pump and will be notified next month. Owners will be notified starting next month as well.

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Hope walikua comprehensive… Otherwise kitanzi

lets hope unfortunately most of these big rides have third party, remember the Range Rover guy from south c whose cover had not even been renewed.

Hesabu za mtu mdogo kama mimi;

Comprehensive at a rate of 4.5% on a 5,000,000 bob ride = 225,000 plus those levies

225K per year, a lot of temptations to opt for third party

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Wooooi, kuna mtu leo hatalala, stress nayo!

Fuck the people driving such cars in a country where the infrastructure does not even provide for the police or the Fire brigade to be there in minutes and yet this is supposed to be the most modern motorway in Kenya.
Im sure if the government increased the tax on the importation of such cars by 100% the rich guys would still buy them and the government would use the revenue to buy fire engines and improve other public services.
Lakini we Africans are not even ready to hear what i am saying… Bure Kabisa

Wee, ‘kairitu’ stick to hekayas…car self-combust anywhere in the world, and the brigades are NEVER fast enough. Oh, and just you know, nowadays Kenyan police respond to situations within 20 minutes. Almost as fast as the US. THE DIFFERENCE IS HOW THEY BEHAVE WHEN THEY ARRIVE - the Kenyan police are ALWAYS on the lookout for shakedowns…

Even you! Jeso! Kenyans abroad really look down on us can’t figure out why…so exactly what should we be driving…yes yes on our super highway?



That’s just for a standard package but if you go for a customised no excess charge with extras like emergency med cover , rescue , complimentary car, AA membership…you pay much more but it comes handy…most people with these cars just put 3 rd party and then unajuchunga that’s why they are always so careful on the road

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That Roysambu-Githurai drift has some evil spirits. As the X6 was on fire, Githurai bus overturned while on the service lane. Juzi tu, another bus overturned and fell on three cars. Hapo ndipo mi nikikaribia, naenda @60kph.


We should only drive cheap beat down cars…and we shouldn’t attempt to use such roads…they are a preserve of western countries. sis we stick to single lane murram roads after all we have aimed too high.
In Africa “attempts” at getting it right is considered a waste of time and this our kenyan/african brothers abroad suddenly come to hate everything kenya/africa and look down on us after getting the mzungu kasumaba; instead of encouraging and feeling happy for the minute steps we are making so that we can be like those countries they have run away to to do menial jobs…@Kabuda So sad


True.I see pple driving Range Rovers never change lanes while in traffic

This is the car, it took part in the Great Run


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I don`t know why you guys are whining.I could be in Kenya and i would have said the same but like i said in my comment; We as Africans are not even ready to be challenged on the way we do things.
Did you know that Cuba has the best Health service in the world and it is poorer than Kenya. Now that is a small step in the right direction.
If the fire brigade never turned up in such a fire that could have easily endangered the live of so many other motorists,how would they help someone whose house is on fire in Rongai?
The wealth of any country is always measured by the quality of services that the people accept as provided to them by their government.Not by the number of people driving the most expensive cars or the number of motorways.
That is all im trying to say.
We are failing in achieving the basics for ALL while individually striving to look like the Greatest.

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Is this car for Mandago Uasin Gishu Governor?

Even better roads equals to quality service …fact remains we have to start somewhere.

Kabuda wacha zako that is marxist-socialist thinking no wonder you refer to Cuba. we are hardcore capitalists where individual greed backed by capital determines individual status. when your wife is about to deliver you choose pumwani or karen hospital. if I have 10m why shouldn’t I buy an x6 because we dont have good roads? serikali iko na kazi yake ya kujenga barabara na mimi niko na tamaa na pesa ya kuendesha x6. iko nene?

I repeat, stick to hekayas. Intellectual discourse/intercourse is not your forte. Tell us about the Ugandan whore you met at the Amsterdam redlight district while you were on your way to meet your German model MWK, or something like that…

@Ka-Buda hapo umenoa, just because the govt. doesn’t provide quality services doesn’t mean that I should deny myself the pleasure of driving a luxury vehicle?? Typical house nigger reasoning!!