Thierry Henry Sky Sports BPL best league in the world advert

Crazy video editing skills to place the legend in some of the BPLs best moments.


Nice advert, though it still ain’t the best league

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That Aguero goal must have been scripted

Not the best but those marketing skills are top notch,even england national team ,they market it in such a way people think they are the team to beat

IMO the EPL is the best league in the world hands down

In terms of marketing and commercial success.

Not just marketing. The ndrama, the suspense, the lack of monopoly or duopoly, the cold monday nights in stoke, the top four finish battle, the southamptons, swanseas and other surprise packages, yaani every week there is at least two “very watchable matches”. Not where teams are being routinely walloped 8-0 by the whos-who in their league.


He mean’t football as in techniques & tactics…most epl teams are long ball merchants and that reflects in the cl and the english team@ the wcup