they say this is the hitman who killed muchai...u be the judge

inaitwa framing juu unaka exhibit[ATTACH=full]1165[/ATTACH]

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Framing kabisa

Kusema ukweli huyu boys amewekelewa

Huyu hakai marksman, looks can be deceiving though

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huyu anakaa Wa kunyanganya watu walenje mythurwa

I was expectin profile ya Artur brothers. Enyewe hii ni framin ya digital. Then again am concerned why biometric register haikutumiwa.

They most likely have their man, but no credit for this achievement.They most likely used phone location data history from the phone company to establish that the fellow was at the site of crime.The discovery of the guns cements the case further.The only deduction here is that the police have access to phone location data history.To all potential criminals, your phone is your weakest point.

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Atwoli!Not the klost one, the other one!

uyo ni cotu aki… uyu kijanaa hakaii…

How many years would it have taken kama ni mwanainchi kawaida aliuwawa? This shows that criminals in kenya just kill carelessly na Polisi hawatafuti.

hii ni kenya, drill tunaijua

Labda ni yeye. Msee anajiskia amerejectiwa na society unaexpect achane nywele? he doesnt give a fuck about the dead or anyone. Mtu hupitia place mob/maisha ngumu before akuwe a person like that. for me he fits the profile. The first time I heard about the niggers taking pistols za dead people nilijua wao ni maembe sana. Why does any brofechono need pistol za victims? Hakuna profechono hapo. You dont touch anything that belongs to the murder victim kama ni hit. Hizo pistol za makarau ni hot sh*t. Sa atasema aliziokota kwa barabara ama?

Nimeona wasee kwa forum fulani wakicomplain ati haikuwa G3. watu udhani g3 ni ile ya kupigana nayo ndio ishoot. hiyo ni mark III. G3 has a full automatic mode pia(light machinegun), very accurate, but three times as expensive as an Ak and chambers a 7.62 by 51 as opposed to 7.62 by 39. labda cctv sio clear at all na nothing can be seen clearly including the vehicle. Although spacio na probox cannot look the same. lakini there is a merc that looks like brother ya probox.

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I am trying to understand what you are saying bra!

If this is indeed the guy then Kenyans are screwed, a guy who looks stoned 24/7 takes down two “trained” policemen, and the person they are protecting and the policemen did not fire a single shot???///

Why does it have to be a hit? It could as well have been a botched robbery when they saw the guns they panicked and shot…

Of course it probably a robbery by some street kids high on pot. How does any brofechono carjack two people in one night before the big job?