They Say Its Self Hate

It is NOT. Negroes akili zao ni za kutumia stone tools

Dindu is perpetually impressed with simple shit.


to me, this explains it all.
we can pretend that we are the same as the whites but we aren’t. (historical information notwithstanding)

we were meant to be in the tree jungle (where we thrived and lived a happy life and we would also do the same if we returned to that life.)
the rest were meant for the concrete jungle where they thrive and are “happy”.

maybe its time we decided to go back to our “roots” and enjoy the simple life of hunting and gathering, dancing and making babies, killing twins due to superstitions…

You try too hard but your narrative never sticks

Wrong comparison. We humans are all the same we only have different cultures

But all petrol stations in kenya have those automatic machines to remove or fix tyres. So what is your point? Do you live in some cave and thus have never seen those machines? Also note that the guy with the manual tool is a genius coz he can fix tyres even in remote areas where there is no power. His manual style also means he is exercising every day and would thus live to be 100 yrs unlike those people operating switches to change a tyre.


doesn’t this culture define who we are?
the changes humans have gone through are due to changing cultures, which later defines who they are.

Culture does not determine our natural abilities.That image has animals with different natural abilities and no amount of culture can make a fish fly like a bird.

so we might not have the abilities the other races have and they might not have those we have.

so let’s try and make our abilities work to our advantage.
[SIZE=3](and if you were to look keenly, you might notice that most cultures revolve around the abilities of the particular race/tribe/country…)[/SIZE]

Not really our culture revolves around colonialism. Everything we do right now was introduced by the British even how we manage the country. The british did not see the point of a good education system healthcare system police in Kenya. we also dont see the point of all that