They call us Diasporan nation Granny washers but behind the scenes...

Hello Diasporan nation, i know most of u must have bn met with those matusi za unaosha kunyi ya wazee pale majuu so uwezi nishow any…Right?Lakini behind the scenes a the same ghasia be inboxing u ati nitumie euros/dollars/ dinar/pounds etc. Mjinga earns 40K a month in Kenya and then has the audacity to tell u that u are a kunyi washer? Those in europe,please explain to them what 40K is to us in our eyes? I am not in the kuosha matako ya wanyanye biz but i can tell u for free those working in such places earn like 19 euro an hour. Do the math. Most work 7hrs a day / 5 days a week.–do the math.

A person like @Ka-Buda in the UK is a lorry driver or transporter. Though, i hate a nigga…this MF is making more money than u losers back in the +254. Cheki a mlady like @Purple …she is a nurse bt am sure her salo is double that of a KNH daktari.

Mtu kama jay baby (i won’t say my job description but u can stick with chokosh wa berndora) makes good mullah na hasumbui…

Guys like @Swansea have already made it in life…mtu kama @FieldMarshal CouchP who attacks him alwasy can be Swanseas house boy when Swansea decides to return and settle back home.

Watu kama @Bhai a.k.a jaymoh who is in Dubai utuma vitu Kenya every year. Though he is a waiter na uchunishwa na Abdul sukuma …this guy has changed lives of his peasant family pale Centro- I remember when he was in the Dubai akiwa mgeni and did not have a work permit and wanted to give up… i personally told a nigga nottogive up. He got a permit and is now moving mountains.

Wacha tuoshe matako za wanyanya bt in the end of the day we winning…ushawai sikia diaporan nation yeyote akisema Njaanuary.? I can tell u for free…nimetumia 2 pink handls hizi streets (na hatujuanivile) pocket change ndiowaweze cop na January… Drops mic


Jua inasumbua huku nikama mvua itanyesha.

Why do u feel the urge to prove. Not bad blood, just asking.

:D:D:D:D:D:D umeanza tena??Nani huyo amekuita kunyi washer tumtafute??40k is like 400 euros in germany.Thats too low but its good money if you have housing.House is the only issue majuu.if you still pay for housing abroad,admit it …you having it kinda hard.


Sorry bae…don’t worry…j won’t expose u. Anyway…this is one of my pink handle beneficiaries

If you donno you donno…but if you know they donno you go make sure they know.

Sawa birrionaire wa Ujeru lakini hii rant inaonyesha vile kuosha kunyi ndo imewafuga majuu. Kama zako ni mingi rudi +254 and retire at 40. MEFFI

two hot slaps and a sweep :D:D:D:D:D

Go for it man…ata mkiwa na @Blaze2 mnaeza chapa hustle ya kuchunishwa skuma pale Stuttgart after kuosha viombo pale Rosenstein Castle

@Bhai ni chokosh tu hawezi badilika

nitumie ka euro njanuary iko mbaya

Acha niendelee kuosha wanyanye but deep inside many wish they can be where I am.
And 5 acres of hay in solio.


Anika mkia mbali na hapa …yonda wewe

Jay…on point as always. :wink:

In my view I think there’s something seriously wrong with a person who goes to the largest economy in the world and chooses the worst job in that country. Imagine leaving all these jobs;
[COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Petrol station jobs, supermarket jobs, watchman jobs, cleaning jobs, Uber driving jobs, trailer driving jobs, pizza delivery jobs, restaurant jobs, parking clerk jobs, landscaping jobs, constructing jobs, factory jobs, mall jobs, airport jobs, food delivery jobs [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]and settling for jobs to do with washing off human poop. Hapo si kuna shida because basic instinct is too reject poop and that’s why wazungu don’t even want to wash their own parents poop and leave it for those who want to. From what I have learned not everybody wants those jobs. It’s mostly black people from Africa and Caribbean. Hata Somalis and Ethiopians I am told refuse to do those jobs.

You were told?

Oh yes I have many friends who l went to campus with who tell me about Trumpistan life