They Both Look Like Cattle Thieves

“Linet Toto dumped me after becoming a Woman Rep saying I look like a thief” Ex boyfriend decries

RK Ustadh Ngeno has decried aloud cursing Bomet Women Representative popularly known as Linet Toto for dumping her for being broke.

According to RK Ustadh Ngeno, he knew the Bomet Women Representative long back in High School, one thing led to another and they ended up doing something together to the extent that he had introduced her to his parents on many occasions.
“My only mistake was being broke. Even when Toto was campaigning I was still with her and she still was submissive to me. Hell got loose when she won the elections and went to Nairobi shortly and that’s when she bluntly told me I was not her type nakaa mwizi” RK Ustadh Ngeno spoke to a local blog amidst sobs .

Kenyan men on social media platforms have consoled RK Ustadh Ngeno urging him to replace the Bomet Women Representative with another woman who deserves him. Women have ganged up to throw jabs at the women rep’s former boyfriend saying that he was careless in the relationship hence giving space another man to snatch his woman.

The 25-year-old lawmaker beat bigwigs in the 2022 General Election. She said yes to Nifty Kim’s marriage proposal on the 2023 Valentine’s Day.

Toto’s fiancé’s real name is Godfrey Kimutai Tanui. He is 28 years old and hails from Kericho county.

According to his profile on his Facebook page, Nifty Kim is an entrepreneur working with the Bomet County leadership.

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