Thesis: Truman Kapote is a Victim of the Filter Bubble effect

All she posts is about black men killing their women
She has nothing positive to say about black men
She thinks Jungus are awesome creatures with no faults

its seems that she has browsed this content too much and is now stuck in her own world

For those unaware “The term “filter bubble” refers to the results of the algorithms that dictate what we encounter online. According to Eli Pariser, those algorithms create “a unique universe of information for each of us”

…and she thinks she is white…

For sure, she probably Masturbates to Jungu Porn only. But to be objective I think if she were to share a screenshot of her youtube homepage we could all see just how much the algorithm is fucking her up. I mean God why do you keep discussing murder @TrumanCapote . Aren’t you wise enough to see that you are in a filter bubble. I suggest you clear your search history and start searching better things like “how not to hate yourself”

@TrumanCapote is cool you idle village women.

are you a white male? [SIZE=1]sisi wengine tunaitwo chimpanzees, monkeys, baboons and all other primates[/SIZE]

I love myself that’s why I live in a country where almost everyone is black and I know better than to have their kids with them. I rather go to great lengths to avoid it and get junguu seed. If that ain’t self love I don’t know what is.

In January I think January 11th one of my various chimpanzee stalkers manipulated my algorithm to show a story about a woman who broke up with her boyfriend in for some reason she automatically realized even without seeing a doctor that she was not going to have kids. Let me be clear I’d rather have no biological children than having kids with a black guy. You see how desperate y’all chimpanzees are about me getting your kids. A grown ass man went to all the trouble to manipulate my search engine bcz I told some guy I hadn’t seen in 2 years that I wasn’t going to meet him bcz I knew what he was after and he sure ain’t getting anything from me no matter how hard he tries . By the way I blocked the guy so he’s now busy sending me emails can’t seem to move on. I don’t know why with all the cheap women in the world but you know how men are they want what they can’t have . LOL. Emotions can make you irrational like that. For me I know if I want your kid or not and that’s all that matters my preference and if you can get me to it or nah. Really very simple. No emotion there. You are either white or you are not. No grey areas there.

By the way I love true crime it’s a morbid obsession like many white women so I kind of gravitate towards true crime channels. Just like you love football. Women have hobbies and interests too you know. Besides men, decorating, shopping, traveling, eating out and cooking and other traditional roles.

Though I have cut back alot I’m currently watching Monster Jeff Dahmer on Netflix. Was up till midnight watching it last night till I had to go to bed. This is by choice. Channels I subscribe to

1)Leah Gordone : Highlights cases of black women and children killed by black men.

  1. Crime News Daily : Daily top crime stories from USA

  2. Death Row and executions by Paco Rivera this month Benjamin Cole 57 yo white male is scheduled to be executed on 20th October.

  3. The AFC Podcast : crimes against children though its abit depressing but most cases are of black women in reversed roles with their black boyfriends, she goes to work, he stays at home with her kids and ends up killing them out of exasperation. Yah. It’s a daily thing with these black house husbands.

5)Soft white underbelly by Mark Laita a phenomenal man in his 60s which is an interview channel for people living on the fringes of society, sex workers, addicts, pimps, johns, mental health alligator wrestlers, sexual fetishes and love stories.

6)Bailey Sarian :Make up, mystery and murder

7)Law and Crime Network

8)Court TV

9)Crime Junkie

10)True Crime Chronicles

11)Sword and Scale - love his voice

12)Casefile Crime

I also follow several political pundits like Kumekucha Chris, Dennis Odingo, Gachie Skyman, Yoleno, The bold report and open l on Mutembei TV but I imagine you don’t care about that now do you?

And several religious channels Evangelist Martin Ndungu, Revelation wisdom ministeries international, Apostle Daniel Abukuse, Apostle John Kimani William official.

I also listen to true crime channels .Im subscribed to the below podcasts

1)Minds of madness - I fall asleep to this man’s voice.
2) True Crime obsessed
3) Morbid
4)Anatomy of Murder
5) Cold Case Files A&E
7)Forensic files

My Bible says as a (wo)man thinks so is (s)he.

Seconded … :D:D

bitch, quit fronting. you ain’t white! :D:D

Why thank you Daktari, any space in your busy diary for a pap smear? :smiley:

Madam …
It would be my utmost privilege (… and pleasure…) to welcome you personally into my surgery and perform lengthy , enjoyable examinations and procedures as necessary …


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Doctari Bibi wa mtu no 53 aka @rexxsimba will add you to his 6TB smut collection. Chunga.

Pay no heed to these negative juvenile naysayers and enemies of progress …


You will be under the professional care of a safe pair of very skilled hands … :D:D:D

Siwezimind kupanua Makena cheeks

I rest my case i think its Hybristophilia. Women are attracted to the one who can kill others . Continue soothing your heart with true crime

How you fcukers entertain this beech and come to rave and rant is making my brain hurt:confused:
Kwani aliwakorogea?

Damn. Doesn’t look like any fun at all. Bah.

You don’t know why women are attracted to the one who can kill others? Bcz they are not going to be attracted to the weak black male who can’t protect them. Something that simple is something a chimpanzee can never comprehend bcz he can’t provide, he can’t protect, he can’t build, he can’t invent, what is the difference between the black male and a child, the child has hope of becoming something. All black men have is the white man, the Asian man, hell even the Indian man. If those other races disappear a black man is incapable of achieving anything, not an education, not a civilization, not weapons, nada.

Do you know what soothes my heart? That I will never be part of the women propagating inferior DNA. I will go to my grave happy if I never give birth for any black man. At least Jeffrey Dahmer helped reduce the black useless male population in Minneapolis.

Do you hold he same opinion about your father? and if you do I guess you need to know self love
You going to the grave without propagating black DNA wont affect the black population. We are in billions and will continue to populate the earth. Even white women love our DNA.

Can’t be. She hasn’t watched any of those videos she posts.

They love your DNA so much that they are slicing your shoulders after tying you with duct tape and choking you. They love you so much that they order food, eat and fall asleep leaving you bleeding tied up in the bath tub coz they don’t want you to spoil their sheets. Boy, you must be tripping. They can have you and your wack DNA