These Women!

Now, in my whole life I have dated a married woman just once, that was three years ago. It took just two months for my wife to discover my relationship with this woman. The sexual relationship lasted for more than a year, all this time I used to dry fry her like every weekend, we still go out occasionally and communicate on phone, whatzap and chat on FB. To this date, her husband has no idea what is going on.

How smart are these creatures? And how many of us tunadinyiwa mabibi na hatuna habari?

women can cheat easily than men… kwanza sector ya kutiana…

Ukikula wa wenyewe pia wako atakulwa.

Utakuliwa tu hata kama hukuli, ha ha ha ha. Honestly this is scary. For those in employment, look at the character of our female colleagues, their husbands have no idea what they do in the office. I work in an organization of about two hundred employees, 60% of which are women, for sure I can dry fry 90% of the women if I wanted to, yet these are respected wives and mothers when they go back home.

Hiyo ni abomination of the highest degree…ile siku utaoa ndio utajua uchungu wa kumangiwa.

On what evidence are you basing your assumption.

It only took ur wife 2months to know u were cheating yet ulikua unadry that other mama for one year…your wife must be a very understing lady

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This is modern marriage[ATTACH=full]1422[/ATTACH]


Wapi rink ama mbisha?

Akitaka kumangwa atamangwa tu no matter what you do.Shida ni wewe kujua, what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you.You may havee your suspicions but let it end there.It may be ‘saving’ your marriage.

Spot on.:slight_smile:

Women are good cheaters you have to give them that.;);)o_O

Though some times you am tempted i never fuck anybodies wife PERIOD


:D:D Case of muthica nugu…

True. Lakini ukimangiwa ujue ama ususpect hiyo relationship haiwezi work. the only solution ni just separate and look for another one. If you dont siku moja utaua mtu.


Hakuna uchungu mbaya kama kugundua mtu amekua akikula bibi yako, not many men can stomach that.hata afadhali udungwe kisu, a man can withstand torture of high degree and not break, but kula bibi yake…anajiua yeye mwenyewe.

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The worst bit is nothing works to heal the wound, separation doesn’t work too, you may spend the rest of your life stalking her.

It’s just sex na sii sabuni ati itaisha. No big deal

Boss, enda ukule bibi ya mtu, ata kama ni pastor alafu umwambie hivyo, utakatakatwa

This thing has been going on since ages past it’s nothing new.
And why would you want to control how others use their body parts??