These online workout programs that offer money back guarantees

These days when you google workout programs, you will get bombarded with a lot of offers that don’t do jack. Torrents huokelea coz I have tried out two 6 months programs_ Adonis index and Visual impact and they work relatively well. Any of you guys tried out any “over-hyped” free programs or not so free ones, whichever the case maybe? Any of you guys tried out MI40?

Go to forums, google Scooby workout and lastly Google starting strength. Those money back guranteed programs are full if shit.

P.s 4chan fitness section is epic


Web Dev yep…My rep Max bench press has be stuck on 85kg for like the last two years…It’s a sucky feeling

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Am detoxing to get back to working out. Btw considering your max rep whats your weight.

Now nachezea 85kgs

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Mimi miaka yangu hainiruhusu niende anything beyond fitness blender

Unakula vizuri? If so, dawa ni progressive overload i.e. a ka-1 kg plate more next session. In a month, you’ll have added even 4 more kg.

The only exercise I engage in is in trying to put stones in my backpack unobtrusively nisibebwe na wind. Next time you see a guy with a backpack in town,please say hi. That cud be me!


Who knows a legit detox plan other than the ones sold by “pyramid” marketers?

@kijanamrefu the diet is okay. I’ll try that tip. Thanks man.

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@MaryJane there is a 7 day detox plan. All natural. No pills

Wazito, nadai Whey Protein Isolate. Naweza get wapi preferably Nairobi.
CC @Mauricio

@tm wa klist unaenda hapo the Health Shoppe that building opposite Old Mutual, Kimathi Street. Alternatively, you can go to the Weider Shop in Hilton, those guys sell USN supplements. For quick results, tumia the Isolate with Casein protein…hapo utatokelezea kaa Beast.