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Gospel Singer Cancels Performance After Pastor Sees Her Pant

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Gospel Singer Cancels Performance After Pastor Sees Her Pant
July 26, 2019 Category: Around The World, Discreet, News Written by: Writer Leave a reply

Evangelist Juanita Bynum has recently taken to her Facebook page to clear the air on the controversy that affected her performance at The Experience Church in Chesapeake, Virginia.

According to Juanita Bynum, she did not perform because the popular pastor of The Experience Church, Pastor John Moore entered her hotel room uninvited and saw her underwear.

In a live video session on Facebook, Dr Bynum said Moore, who was hosting her at a conference in that city, entered her hotel room without her knowledge or consent and “saw her undergarments laid out on her bed.” She said she felt sexually violated by his behaviour.

Juanita Bynum said she was not in the room at the time he entered but was later informed of the incident by her assistant and was confirmed by the front desk.

In the video captioned: “WHY I DIDN’T PREACH IN CHESAPEAKE, VA AT THE Experience Church WITH PASTOR JOHN MOORE”, Bynum laid it down and called it horrific invasion of privacy, which made her cancel her performance.

Juanita has deep seated sex issues. She was once a guest speaker at T.D. Jakes ‘woman thou are loosed’ conferences. She presented a talk aptly titled ‘No more sheets!’ Abused as a child wife sijui partner, struggled with lust/sex…bla bla bla.

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I wonder how seeing a panty is sexual violation. Ndio maana ule politician alisema he won’t allow a certain slayqueen journalist to accompany him alone on his campaign tours. Bitch might just turn around and shout RAPE!

Hawa ma feminazi have turned the feminist movement from a woman empowerment agenda to a man hating and discriminating movement… sijui toxic masculinity ,sijui man spreading ,sijui male privilege chieth agenda .Making young men and boys feels like they are defective girls ,and " useless beings" who don’t deserve to live in this world,cc Ms Theron and her boy s who are dressed like girls.