These Chinese Need to be Watched Carefully

While I still insist that all investors are welcome, we need to watch these Chinese people carefully. Constant deportations seem to have scared them off in Kenya we no longer hear of them causing any trouble.

I proposed mob beatings in case a Chinese beats up any local. That is the only language those tiny mongoloids understand. It probably also explains why they are ruled with an iron fist in their own country in order to keep them in order.

Sasa surely, a Chief in Zimbabwe was beaten up by a Chinese factory worker? While the guy was deported, this should be our wake-up call. We need to stop being overly friendly to foreigners and treat them harshly when they break our laws. You can never hear of a Chinese guy doing the same antics in the United States or Russia or any other self-respecting country for the record.

Your reaction should he equal to the treatment you get. Mtu akikupiga then si umpige?

Apakwe Rob kidogo then awe deported

why are we deporting our tiny friends instead of jailing them first

dragon people will rule us for 100 years

In Mombasa, one was given a good thrashing.
Siku hizi ametulia!!!He speaks to all spare parts customers politely. And he bows!!

hehe, nakajua

The guy is speaking alot of sense but that rainbow flag in the background has spoilt everything.

It must have been purposefully placed there to advance gay agenda. Better the Chinese

Kenyans we are too accommodating.

Petty tangent, my friend. You lost the big picture while staring at a minor detail and making presumptions about it.

Mkubwa there are two stories in that video. One the verbal story from the bearded guy. Two the sublimal story from the flag.
Do you think it is there by mistake? Why not an American flag?

In the int world it’s called mind control/ conditioning

Wah! Kwani you love Shainaman and want to distract viewers?

Interpret all the other items in the BACKGROUND for us, starting with the laughing mask of a white woman, and also the guy who’s lurking behind the studio window. :smiley:

Huyu hajipendi kabisa I don’t support gay folk but as long as the do their shit in private and don’t hurt no one I’m cool lakini sasa huyu ni fala tu

They don’t do it in private that’s why they keep displaying that ugly rainbow. Wao hushinda kortini ati gay rights. Now see that flag again. So boring

Hehehe sasa mzee umeleta mcheso kwa kazi. I can persevere the shainish than that flag.

Ama msee hauna chida mjukuu yako akipepetwa exhaust pipe?:smiley:

I don’t think you do. Twitter I do not even have an Avatar. I do not use any other social media other than Snapchat for private DMs.Plus I am not even called Gerald anywhere else except here

I once went to a butchery and met an old white woman bad-mouthing Africans and telling people how there is order and common sense back in Europe. She was lucky I was not in one of those bad mood days! We need to start standing up to these disrespectful foreigners!