These atheists...

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The last one is actually a mockery of Christian arguments.

@admin, @Jazzman is posting hurtful memes.



And you actually feel proud posting this?

Yes I am, to show the folly of atheists

The folly of Atheists is to read the bible extensively in an attempt to understand it.

Christians don’t understand the bible as much as Atheists.

I understand you now.


In the meme, you missed the qualifier MOST. Learn to read and understand

Does all this prove the existence of god?

Do all your criticisms prove the occurence of the so called big bang?

Wewe ni muhindi ama ni waiganjoh? So what will we say about the Budhist who worship a cow, is that not madness??

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so you actually believe you are a descendant of adam?

A proud one

Mungu wako basi ni wa ajab…jienjoy

With the things I’ve seen, I dare not say otherwise.

Atheists are not about big bangs. Neither do we try to prove anything of which there is no evidence. There are real atheists in the words definition, and there are the american fanatics of the big bang and evolution, which you have mistakenly imported here. You have imported your system of non thinking, assumptions, and lack of inquiry here.

Who said Buddhists worship a cow??? hizi ni vitu unaskia kwa makanga wa mtaa ukipita.

So you mean to tell us the people who advocate for the big bang are not atheists and are americans only? Please read this before trying to say that atheists are not about big bangs and evolution…

There is no single ideology to which all atheists adhere to therefore you argument of atheists are not about big bangs is invalid!!

Read this then tell me of these real atheist you are talking about…

You are not an authority on atheism and will never be. Uwache kutubeba ufala. We are actually smarter than our handles suggest. We do think and enquire before weighing in on issues.

Einstein. stop beating about bush.
Atheism is older than theories of evolution and big bang, just like chrisitianity is older than philosophies of Kanyari, Deya etc.
We can quote wikipedia and this is the article for atheism.
Atheism is a philosophical argument based on logic. No one person/entity owns it.
What you think are atheist are actually hangers on.

Mujamaa cum srowre, I have Indian friends and an Indian girlfriend and whenever I wisit their rooms they got all these photos posted on their walls an whenever I inquire whats with the weird cows they always respond thats our “god”. Mind you they have gods for different seasons and occasion.
One time I went to my girlfriends room and after kumbonya she was like “I’ll pray to (whatever she called that particular one) to forgive me for what we had just done”. Check with any of the Indians and they will tell you so.