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11 photos of curvy, Kirinyaga-born private detective known for unearthing serious crimes Author: Douglas Mwarua UPDATED: AN HOUR AGO VIEWS: 13935 Category: Entertainment, Buzz She is audacious, strong, a go-getter and the icing on the cake is that she has killer curves. Meet Jane Mugo, a former police officer who owns a private investigations firm that can easily smoke you out of your hideous activities. READ ALSO: Tanzania’s Speaker supports MP who tabled bill seeking to legalise marijuana farming Born and bred in Kirinyaga, the Trimo Security CEO is one of the many women doing exemplary well in their respective fields. And when she is not busting criminals and poring over investigative footage, she takes time off to slay like the queen she is. READ ALSO: 13 inspiring photos of multi-talented Kenyan amputee and biker Kasandas The stylish Jane knows how well to dress her Kirinyaga curves, easily leaving many of her kind envious and men drooling themselves silly. Whether in a figure hugging dress and knee high boots, a skirt or even a trouser, the mother of one boy looks all fine.

The hot look is completed by her long dreadlocks. has learnt she trained as a detective with the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), now Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI). She has not only earned accolades from the Kenya Police for her exemplary work but also from a number of international bodies with some listing her as the best woman detective in Africa. READ ALSO: Hivyo Ndio Kunaendaga hitmaker denies claims he is wallowing in poverty following leaked photos understands the voluptuous lass is leading one of the best private investigations firm in Kenya and has greatly helped her clients over the years. Jane is not only a revered private detective with countless accolades but also a philanthropist taking care of a number of children at a Nairobi-based children home. READ ALSO: Alex Mwakideu afiwa na mama mzazi miezi 4 baada ya kumpoteza dada

The CEO in a number of recent interviews revealed her job is challenging but she loves it dearly. Jane also said she has in the past received a number of threats from people she has been hired to investigate but that has never deterred them from doing what she does best. Countless photo of the CEO seen by on her Instagram account are perfect proof she is not only smart but also beautiful, fully blessed with curves and edges for days. Do you have a life-changing story you would like us to publish? Please reach us through [email protected] or WhatsApp: 0732482690 and Telegram: Tuko news. The Girl With Four Jobs Source: Tuko Read more:




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