These 2 Guys Pay 6 million a Year in Electricity Bills in Kenya

It’s no secret that the energy costs in Kenya continue to rise to unpalatable levels.

Here’s an article we came across highlighting how high your electricity bill in Kenya could rise.

The Top city Lawyer and Former Governor spend over Ksh 6,000,000 a year in electricity bills.

Thats Ksh 250k per month each [B]Read more here:[/B]

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Bill yangu ni 3k per month.
Watu wanapesa Kenya, 250k per month ni kama kubuy shamba kila mwezi.

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Cooling and heating will make your electricity bill hit the roof. So, ksh, 250k, is that the average or the actual price per month ?
Where are there houses located ?

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Heating and cooling in kenyan buildings? Tuko on the equator so our weather is good all year round. Unless wako na other heavy machinery to consume such amount of electricity

Very , I know of a farmer is Nyeri who pays 100 to 110k per month, but ako na Milk cooler

Kwani wako na poshomill kwa boma ?

Kuna watu yao haifiki 1k so relax.

Anybody paying that much is running some equipment in their house that consume lots of energy.

Or distributing the power to a number of households.

Rich people