Watu wa shoebaru, Feetsubishi iko reaon ya kutokua na gari? Ati mpaka uishi kwa your own hse ile ume jenga ndio ununue. Flimsy excuses
Polo Vivi ina uzwa Ksh 165, 000* or monthly deposit ya Ksh 34,560 if approved.
For more info anga lieni gazeti ya leo front page

Priorities my friend.

Sijaiona lakini najua hujui unalosema.

Just HOW can one drive a car worth 165,000/- Kshs? HOW, someone explain this to me please…

How do you expect to manage the traffic when everyone gets a car while still relying on 70s infrastructure, yet the population has quadrupled since then?

Will check, which paper

It’s also not a good idea to take a loan for something with depreciating value.

If you arent joking and meant 1650000, for someone with 20k a month to spare it will take 7 years. + cost of using of about the same. meaning the guy will just be driving a car and doing nothing else, not even eating.

My friends Pig stay first !

Guys check PD front cover… Ni venye image ina kataa ku upload

I second you pigsty lazima

You mean this
[ATTACH=full]129495[/ATTACH] The kastar next to the bei means see below.

Baraza wa DN anasema…
Vivo Maxx parades on the shelf at Sh1,750,000, which you could either fork out in its entirety if you have such an amount saved somewhere, or if you are averse to hoarding like me, split the payment into a 10 per cent deposit and spread the balance over 60 monthly instalments of Sh36,654 each. The Trendline has a marginally easier payment protocol of Sh34,560 per month over 60 months, following the same 10 per cent deposit. Does that sound like a plan or what?

165k+ (34,560125) = 2,073,600.

What does it cost to finance this little gem? Ksh. 423,600, or 25.7%. At the end of the 5 years, you’ll be lucky to get 600k for it, but you’ll spot another ad telling you to trade in and throw another 1.4 million down the drain. Na hakawezi beba thaara au tray za mayai.

First, common sense should tell you no new car would go for that price, ata kama niya miguu tatu. Second, every time you see an asterisk after a figure, it means your balls may not like the real experience of the purchase.

Did you read the small print my bratha


165k ndio deposit bratha

Upus. Hata basic math inakushinda.

huyu arudishiwe school fees especially the part that was allocated to comprehension.