There Once Was A Dream Called Kenya......................

There once was a dream called Kenya.

A dream of our forefathers for generations and eons to come. A dream we of the present have spectacularly failed to cherish and nurture.

Once, when we were one we took on the world and won. We outrun and out-sported just about everybody. Our coffee and tea ruled the world markets. Our people were celebrated from Norway to Hollywood. We became the most important Black nation on earth.

For an infinitisemal moment we were kings, gods who walked the earth.

Now, we stand on the edge of a precipice, sharpening swords and spears to kill our own brothers and sisters. We sound the drums of war as if preparing for an evening dance.

There once was a dream called Kenya that we should have guarded more.

Now, that dream is gone. Every where you look is despair and despondence. We can no longer look each other in eye and say we can die together in Al Adde. Our flag lies low, and I for one have a great hatred for some who were once my beloved countrymen and women.

There once was a dream called Kenya, but we let it flit away in the breath of a 72-year old warlord. It is as if we didn’t care or believe.

In years to come people will look back and marvel; how were they so blind, so myopic, so conceited they let the dream die? What was wrong with them?

The Holy Bible says the lifetime of a man is 70 years and a little more. I wish the dream that was Kenya would have lived a little longer, and may be then dawn would have come bearing better tidings.


it’s all part of a bigger plan. coz 2017 has been really fucked up for this planet. blood is being intentionally poured

Aren’t you being a little over dramatic and hysterical? We have hit a few turbulences of late but Kenya is still very much intact.

I feel you. And as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, we have lost the dream. All because of a few men.

May God finish them.

Our flag
lies low, and I for one have a great hatred
for some who were once my beloved
countrymen and women

I like your honesty

Kenya as a country started dying long ago. My former lecturers at UoN, Prof. Mbai, Wanyande and Wanjohi used to predict this way back in 2003 during political science lectures. One Prof Oyugi must have been a prophet, everything he predicted is happening/has happened at a very shocking accuracy…our leaders know what ails us but they are too selfish to risk making necessary sacrifices. Kibaki had a golden opportunity to make things right but i guess that accident affected him…everything thats happening now is a result of years of inaction. Blaming Raila or Uhuru is very defeatist.

May be…

Fuck you old man, you are the most trubalistic fellow I have ever come across. Kufa utuache tuishi na amani.

By the way I was at Kwa Wa Patty yesterday pale Soko. Aftre that nikamalizia Mashambaini and the whole time I was thinking ‘gakware gaka ingikaruta ku ndikanyuaniirie na WhiteCUP?’

Hehehe SMB-Soko Mjinga Bar.
Nilikua area. There’s a new joint pale junction called Formula 1. Let’s count the votes from there.

That dream still lives on in a few of us. Who are resilient and optimistic. have faith my brother we soldier on. Kenya is coming out of this stronger and better. God is alive He’s not dead.

Hapa ndio shida iko.

Two of the guys you have mentioned taught me too…also Adams Oloo very good in comparative politics.

fieldmarshal what is happening? are you losing your faith?

I agree. No President ever had such amount of goodwill. He wasted it by being lackadaisical.
And people grew big mouths, internet access expanded and here we are.

Mzee Moi (the professor of politics, the giraffe, the seer) accurately predicted what we are going through now…I can vividly recall him dissuading Kenyans against embracing MULTI-PARTY politics (even though nobody was taking him serious)…Moi clearly said this - “Siasa ya vyama mingi itagawanisha wakenya kwa misingi ya kikabila! Wakenya watachukiana bure!” He has been vindicated by the current political happenings…Kenyans are divided like never before

i think we need to stop fearing the unknown. this could actually be a chance to ask ourselves whether we really are in a forced marriage as they said. a divorce might actually result in a happy ending for everyone. believe me, even after mganga, another like him will rise up.


We have hope, we have everything