There is something seriously wrong with these Indians.

[SIZE=5]Wahindi ni watu meffi sana. In another video there is an Indian butcher keeping live goats in his butchery as they watch him chop up other goats and hang the meat.

The live goats are in such a disturbed state that they just stand there like zombies awaiting their turn. Those animals are so disturbed they’ve probably run mad.


In India if a girl refuses to marry or stay married to a certain boy to whom dowry has already been paid by her family, she brings shame to the whole family. Her father takes her behind the house and her youngest brother is given that curved machette you see in that video. The boy is instructed on how to chop off the girl’s head in one stroke in what is known as honor killings.

It is the small boy’s duty because if arrested he will get a lighter sentence. Option b is throwing acid on the girl’s face or forcing her to commit suicide.

Similarly if you elope with a girl in India , you better just leave the country. If her family tracks you down you will be hacked to pieces. Sometimes both you and the girl. There are numerous videos of this. Those blades are so sharp they can split a girl in half, samurai style.

Worse still if an Indian girl falls in love with a dark black African njaruo e.g @Tom Bayeye and his toothless lower gum , please just take her out of India juu huyo probably she will be burnt to death for sleeping with an African.

still wierd when you talk the talk pertaining to females. Mcoondoo ndio zako,pick a struggle faggot

sioni makosa animal rights achia white left democrats liberals kina Homoobama wale kutetea mahomo. but why the fishpond ?

Hiyo ndio sword Genghis Khan alikuwa akichop vichwa nayo akiwa Mongol Horde? Damn!

This is not as disturbing as your gay agenda. Gays, homosexuals and dogs should have their own section.
cc. @administrator

ni watu wa mafetish na hawakubali.

Lakini ukweli usemwe Wahindi iko na wasichana watamu sana. Damn!:smiley: i miss Kuala Lumpur

inaitwa one-touch ISIS style beheading:D
@Big fire pitia hapa kuna course ya slaughtering

[SIZE=5]Njaruos there’s no need to be emotional really. In fact me personally I would suggest we take you both to that crazy Indian butcherman above.

And then both of you @Tom Bayeye and @Half_Human , you stretch out your 40 year old foreskins on that rock. I will personally tell the butcherman to be gentle.

One touch, 2kg foreskin inaanguka kwa hio maji!

@Tom Bayeye there is no need for you to walk around with your foreskin all your life! It adds no value, beauty or purpose. You are just being ridiculous. What do you fear so much? What are you afraid of???

@Tom Bayeye there is nothing to fear but fear itself. You won’t die. [/SIZE]

Ua hio kinyozi kapsaaaaaaaa!

You still remain a faggot at the end of the day with or without my 2kg prepuce or fear

You always get emotional whenever your foreskin Cuthbert is mentioned.

I heard that you call your piece of meat Cuthbert St. Bernard. :smiley:

Malisa hio khasia ya mkia

Kwani kuala lumpur iko India?

Not all Indians. Hinduism encourages believes to be non violent towards other forms of life (ahimsa).

This thing is very simple. Kama hujawai wekelea picha ya girlfriend au bibi yako hapa ktalk with accompanying signature of proof hio ingine yote ni makelele. You could be a rabid homosexual for all I know.

Juu sijawai skia ukitaja bibi au girlfriend mko na
yeye huko Dubai or wherever you are!

Umetaja tu boyfriend yako alishikwa na veve akafungiwa ndani. And you were very worried and you even shed tears of pain and misery.

Sijawai skia ukisema ati uliletea bibi zawadi hapo Kenya kutoka Arab state! Na wewe uko 45 years plus!

Na hujawai wekelea picha hata ya mkono ya msichana with signature na ukasema, “By the way guys this is my lovely lady.”

On kenyatalk, picha ndio proof otherwise hio ingine yote ni makelele.

I have searched the entire ktalk threads and comments under you handles @T.Vercetti, @patco, @Patcoh, @Mbinjwa kunyi and @Mkia lover and neither did I get mbica ata ya kunguru. I know na hio uji umejaza kwa kichwa huweskuwa na girlfriend ama ata wife labda ma kunyimates.