There is no cure for the condition of being human

2020 is the year of epiphanies and trying to make sense of life as we now know it. It’s clear we are getting into a new dispensation. You know how there was the Roman civilization and it morphed into the European civilization OK lemme try the revolutions, I have better recall of how that went. The Agrarian revolution, industrial revolution and technological revolution? You get it, things change, imagine being colonialised and then living to independence. It’s a complete change of the way of life. We are in the throws of change. Would you have ever dreamt that you would not leave your house without a mask?

Covid 19 has woken us up to our condition of being human. Out of autopilot, into seeing how ephemeral life is. I have a wonderful older man who has been my life long friend, over two decades ago when I was not yet having shock absorbers that come with age, I ran to him and I was like the sky is falling, help me. He told me something really deep and short. Life is hard, it’s punctuated with beautiful moments and it doesn’t get easier with age. I was like but you are older you should have the answers that help me make sense of everything. He laughed then said to me I do not have all the answers.

Some years back this wonderful couple with 3 kids, the last one 6 months old, they were the perfect couple, Christians, the husband drove the wife to the port on Valentine to surprise her with a car. On the way back they died in car wreck and I asked my mom, why and she told me, it was their destiny. I still don’t know what that means, but I guess it’s like one of those platitudes like we loved you but God loved you more. I was watching Victorias Lounge about widowers and I was like why is it that the women with horrible husbands, don’t die, the husband doesn’t die but the holy grail of marriage types, those amazing husbands you see in the movies who are so loving and caring and they are young widowers. Even older ones like Joyce Labosos husband, such a wonderful man and woman but they do not get to grow old together but the miserable ones and the average ones do. I don’t understand. It seems like an oxymoron. All I could think of was if it’s too good to be true, trouble is likely to be on the way, so enjoy it while it lasts.

I have no answers, you may have to join a cult like MGTOW for that, cults have all answers that nobody else has. I think I’ve accepted I’m not going to have the answers to alot of things. It’s the human condition. I asked an atheist how they survived life’s hardships with no faith, no God to lean on and she told me, tears, sea and something. Being an atheist, having to take a jab, asked me how it feels to have faith because you need a crutch and I told her because I do need a crutch and it’s not going to be drugs. It makes absolute sense to me.Like who has the temerity to live life with noone greater than you to lean on, turn to, consult. Not me.

Alot is going on and alot is happening. About the only certainty we have is our faith. The only constant in the vicissitudes of change. The world loves you when you are whole and shiny but when you are not, how do you deal with your humanity. Your human fraility. The fact that suffering is part of the human condition and inspite of the trite adages like everything happens for a reason, life is still scary and unpredictable. Time wounds all heels and even if there’s a reason for everything happening, you may never know what that reason is. Plus nothing will give you immunity even if you are close to God, in fact people closest to God go through the toughest times. Just read the Bible.

Life is a chronic condition. There’s some things that you can fix and things you can’t. May God give us the grace to accept the condition of being human.