There Is Limitless Energy On Earth But Man Is Still Primitive & Is Addicted To Dirty Fossil Fuels & Dangerous Fusion

There is molten magma at the core of our planet, there are electrically charged clouds just 3 miles above ground, there are endless oceans rolling with tides influenced by the moon’s gravitational force. All these are teeming with Gigawatts that at their climax destroy human’s civilizations. Things like Tsunamis and earthquages emit energy that can power entire countries for a year. But how do you tap it?

This are the lost technologies of the ancients


This technology is actually not ancient, we have been made to think it is ancient but it is not. I think this world was once more civilized that today. We are just trying to get a glimpse of it.

The sun’s energy is going to waste, we don’t know how to utilize it

If you can capture the energy burst of a lightning bolt and store it in a battery measuring 10Mx10Mx1M you can power your local town for weeks on end


Declare fatwa

Humans lack enough time and motivation knowing very well after 70 they will be dead and gone. They just harness enough to sustain the current livelihood, no one actually wants to devote themselves for the extra mile to benefit the forthcoming generation.
Its evident in even how we pay no heed to environmental conservation

Posts like this show that you know nothing about usable and reliable energy sources and how we can distribute it efficiently. Endless dreams and delusions about ancient civilisations superior lifestyles and technologies can’t solve anything.

Instead, give your child a physics and chemistry book to break this chain of stupidity