There is a new god in town

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Wanakuja sai sai

Blasphemy is a common thing these days, wonder why you’re surprised while a whole religion calls a human being son of God and some call him God, even though he never referred to himself as god and caution someone from calling him good master.

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Don’t believe everything. Hiyo ni editing [ATTACH=full]129132[/ATTACH]

the absurdity is carrying on from those who started calling prime minister after 9th of April 2013


Na hii


Hata Yesu alisulubiwa akarudi kwao. :D:D:D

Wacha nipatwe…

Let god(s) fight his/their own battles. Kelele za chura.

[CENTER]Nisaidieni tafadhali…ni mimi naona vibaya ama hiyo board imeandikwa



humans need the hope that someday everything will be okay, if there is no hope we all turn into animals… sahii kenya is divided because we only believe in our tribesmen and that will be our downfall somewhere in the future. huanza hivi first you dehumanize the others eg this group inaita the other kihii, the other wezi. this escalates to jingoism on both sides and in the end unajipata under the boots of some random man with a machete ama bunduki

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Jana nani aliskia huyo alisema anapenda TMT kushinda mamake na babake mzazi…?mofos.

i overheard that one in the news and was left wondering how do you worship someone to the extent of disowning your own blood.

Fanatics at their best i say.