There are thousands of homeless Somali people in Minnesota and Toronto

As in, jamaas who sleep on the street in the cold. Thousands. Some of them arrived as recently as 2010s. Some of them late 80s .

And there are Kenyans too. I met some.

I see people complaining Ati they leave Zakayo. I wish they knew about life in the West. That place can wear out even the strongest,

The promised land is americunt. But if you go their without a plan afadhali wangekua kunia wakizungusha viatu kama masai


Sad…first time am hearing of a healthy legal kenyan being homeless majuu

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Ni wengi sana


majority of africans and muslims are basically parasites where they go. They expect the Govt to take care of them while they drink silly and fornicate. Kazi wanataka ni soft soft za office / home care yet hawana masomo to even get one. Kuuza viatu ni wewe

Angalia vile uncontrolled migration imemess France, Britain na Germany. This cultural enrichment ni upumbavu wa hali ya juu and these Europeans wameanza kuchoka and retaliating. Good luck finding a legit visa sahii if you want to go to europe juu ya hawa washenzi wamechoma kabisa huko


Actually if those wazungus hawangemess most west and north african countries, hawangekuwa na such numbers of useless people heading there. Let that be a lesson to them waachane na maneno ya kuharibu economy ya african countries na kuleta vita huku ya bure.

About America, huko ni mnyama tofauti kidogo na kwa wazungu. America ni either unamake ama unabreak. And waafrica wamemake ni wengi. Hao homeless people wako wengi both local and immigrants. Inamaanisha system iko extremely competitive yenye kama huna psyc, afadhali ubaki huku tu.


Hard drugs are expensive and addictive. Mimi huona a direct link between hard drugs and homelessness. Men will rob and women will become prostitutes to buy drugs.

I wouldn’t be surprised if 90%+ of homeless people failed a drug test.

I saw on reddit that a gram of cocaine costs $96. Imagine a minimum wage worker flipping burgers for $15/hour getting hooked and needing at least one gram per day. That person will soon be homeless because his income cannot support the expensive addiction.


In scandinavia you find these guys sitting in groups in railway stations doing nothing.

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Many of the somali refugees went to the US with zero education and cant even speak english. So it becomes very hard for such people to be absorbed in the work space.

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what y’all fail to take into account is woriyas are cushitic and nomads. they are used to sleeping in the open with their herds.

Those ones you are referring to as homeless are in their element :green_emoji: :green_emoji:


Kitu hawajazoea ni baridi. Winter in Canada is a bitch. Kuna mkenya alianganizwa na baridi juzi


Issue ni hawana support system. Ukiachishwa job huna relative kwa kustay for the meantime. Ama ata wa kukuconnect a new job. You start from zero.

Alafu cost of living ni high, couple months without a job or with a failed business you end up in the streets unless you had accumulated savings for a long time.


Correct !!!
Why are people so focused on nyeuthi homelessness in western cities, rather then the main course of the poverty they run away from.


Siku zangu za anasa cocaine tulikua tunachukua na 5k hapa westi…very good quality. Non of us got hooked…was purely recreational

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Functional addict? How does cocaine make you feel by the way?

Drugs -33%. Mental health eg depression, schizophrenia -40%, in fact those two are linked.
Then a losing mentality is 20%. Hard luck is the rest.

A losing mentality: kuna wase who were not created to succeed. When they hit a rough spot eg lose a job, they just give up. Yes there’s people like that.

Atlanta kumejaa homeless kenyans. Kuna mmoja alikuwa mluo…was doing well but ended up in streets after a nasty divorce to a jungu… sijui kwanini jaluo wanapenda kuoa wazungu… alikuwa ameletwq kwa documentry on YouTube

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Last time nilikuwa kwa mall hapo westgate…kwa choo imeandikwa " No washing Feet on the Sink". Those guys are nasty…and ignorant

Never seen cocain with my own eyes. I think am still an amateur in the entertainment system. The furthest nimejaribu ni weed

The 2000s during kibakis time found us in our 20s…wild wild times