There are some very sick mofos...... WTF?


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Now this is one sick maafaka.his parents must be really proud

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huyu ni wewe

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…hahahaha and i thought @Njamba Huthu is weird…this is sick…

hawa ni ale ass hole family

I am not sure am in the same species with this psycho

Reminds me of a klist guy (can’t recall the handle). He said he would like his girl to take a dump on his chest after sex…They live amongst us.


…and @junkie likes this


Sounds cool to me

…or someone else is using this guy’s image to throw shade?

mtu wa forensics, kwani iliishia ofisini?

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Has anyone watched a movie called “Movie 43”?


have to watch this :smiley:

Pervert alert!

i thot ilibanniwa kenya

Chheeeeesos!! Thats a realy sick f*cktard. Yani kuna watu kama hawa hii dunia.? Whatever happened to the order of nature…Man inserts D into P…?all this other sick perversions baffle me…una wank aje na dem yuko hapo…ati wewe unataka tu ashute… brrrrrrr (shaking my body in disgust)

If that is strange Read “120 Days of Sodom” By Sade. If you finish the book or movie version I will shade my title and hand you my kingdom.

There was Major Gumpert or something like that, in his sex tourism blog, the guy liked drinking girls urine, he would funga a poko, dryfry her then asubuhi anaitisha his favourite drink, served warm!


sick jamaa

No boss…the Wolf of Wall Street ndio ilikuwa banned.

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I watched it crazy movie, ati you dont shit on someone you love you poop on them

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