Theft of cars with alarms in Kenya! Alarm does not sound

Just been sent pictures of cars in a flat that were stolen without the alarm sounding.

This crooks steal the same parts: headlights, rear lights, radio, side mirror, centrol locking console (window panel, central lock), spark plugs, battery.

  1. How do they stop an alarm from working
  2. Who can get this spare parts: central locking console (that panel that controls the windows & locks)

Unaiba spark plugs. Sasa utauzia nani kitu imeanza ku rust. Ata unaibisha shetani

Usicheze na second hand biz iko ujanja

Sister. The cable that does the ‘unlocking’ of the bonnet runs along the under surface of your vehicle, then connected to the release handle that you easily pull from the comfort of the driver’s seat. Now if am a professional in that game, I should know where to grab n pull while my partner opens the bonnet and disconnect one of the terminals, all in a flash of a moment.

Hizi wizi ni za pale kasarani? Watu wahame mitaa zingine

Habari ya fastashwarance? :D:D

Za gari gani? Ama random?

Ni estate sides gani?

Wapi video?

just as nyapdragon ni mwizi wa simu, we now have you tagged as mwisi wa gari

ndio ninasema wachana na gari hotikeks that 'joroge likes very much. nunua kitu akiona aanze kufikiria ni wapi atapata biz.
porsche, lambo, ferrari, amg… things like that ([SIZE=1]or a highly modified subaru, mitsu[/SIZE])

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D i had completely forgotten about this name


Hio labda iwe iridium…

Toyota Allion za flat moja: 5 cars.
If you stay in a flat with your neighbor having the same model as you, sell that car.

The car has an alarm. How do you open the bonnet and the car does not sound an alarm? Note, the car has an alarm.

boss, you interfere with the signal. most alarms signals are 433mhz or 315mhz. it’s not difficult if you see how they do it on youtube.

huwa wanawekelea a strong magnet kwa bonet…