theatre LOVERS

Theatre kitambo used to be cool with hilarious performances time ya kina Derrick Amunga(RIP COMRADE), mbeki mwalimu, abud eliud, nick ndeda, Juma Williams… etc
I used to attend those days lakini siku hizi most guys made it in the acting industry na wakaanza kua money minded na wakaanza kujiskia celebs and if they come up with plays they are overcharged and bila conted…
is there any play that has been worth going to watch at the theatres of late??

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who were your favourites ??

Awesome days

KNT na alliance were the ultimate date nights achana na hizi upuzi zimekuja foolishness kila kitu wanataka kugonga wananchi na hakuna value for money

we used to live at the same place,kasarani back in the days,rip

alikua comrade pale kenya poly and he made me love theatre bado aki act tahidi high and he later became famous kama master sugu… but depression got hold of him… watu walimtupa and he only had substance to abuse no friends at all

Pole sana, what happened

Ian mbugua times za wahome mutahi.

hao ni legands msee na kina raymond ofula (big man)

@isidore uko sure master sugu aliact tahidi high the later akaact tushauriane ndio akakuwa famous? ama you are just posting for the sake of posting?

Yeah, Theater lovers, here is a play by the name Dogvile. I liked it.

aliact zote sijui in which order but alifanya zote


sande @WuTang clan