The World Should Have Blocked / Siberia-Ad China On Day 1 of the Corona Virus

Imagine if all the countries in the world had blocked all flights to and from China on day 1 of the outbreak. I mean hizi ghasias waliona wachinje a bat wakakosi. Ugonjwa ikalipuka. The day China started building those temporary hospitals , the world should have pulled a red alert on China. No flights to or from China. Cheki , do u know that Italy 1st victims were Chinese tourists who had visited Italy.

Imagine the world ingeblock hawa machingo wakufe wenyewe afterall wanakuanga wengi. Saizi hatungekua tuna wasiwasi. Alafu pia watu wanaskia China ni kudiambo but unaona mjinga anaenda huko.

I respect what Museveni has done. Amesema hakuna mtu ataingia or kutoka Uganda until futher notice.

The virus is spreading bcoz of bongo lalas going to countries already infected. 1st german case for example, ilikuwa ni jinga mbili wajeru wameenda Italy and this is after washaskia vile huko ni kunoma. Now bcoz of 2 pple 10,000 are already infected.

Stay at home fools.

Nimeona kuna mangombe in Kenya bado wanaenda baesa ati ni weekend. …nunua pombe yako ukunywe kwa nyumba.
Kama ni ma slay queen unataka kuona safisha macho from your house na mamboch wa esto then wank later.

Hii kitu iliundawa Kwa lab…

si machinko walichinja bat wakamanga?

I wish China had been more forthcoming with what was happening, instead they chose secrecy perhaps to “save face” now the whole world is in peril! Walisema it’s racist to attribute covid-19 to China or block their flights lakini sasa ona…

Let us recall the fact that China has been ground zero for other pandemics including the Black Death (1350), bubonic plague (1855), Spanish flu (1918), Asian flu (1957), SARS (2009) and this one isn’t any different.

Mnasumbua wacheni watu wapungue.

shoulda, woulda, coulda… never solved anything

Ishaaingia huko.

Wechez lazima hio kitu ipepee na wewe,and may you burn in hell eternally, shaitan wewe

Let’s put blame where it should be, respective govts refused professional advise to stop flights from any of the affected nations.

Saa hii mnaenda maombi yet flights from Italy, UK, USA and even China areas laden with Covid 19, God knows how many strains exist as of now, but still land at motherland. What do these govts want God to do?

Then going forward we should figure a way out to deal with this cock suckers,they should do away with wet markets or face consequences…imagine the loses the world will incur just because of someone’s appetite

Stop blaming China for your incompetence. America reported the first case same day with South Korea but to you, the stock market isvmlre important. You downplayed the seriousness of the flu until it was too late.
Correction :The 1918 Spanish ish flu started in the US while the Black death started in Central Asia. Dont change historical facts to suit your parochial narrative.


Thanos snapped.


The messaging, even from the WHO, was muddled and conflicting from the very start. If you may recall, for several weeks, China refused WHO officials permission to come into their country to consult on what was happening. Just imagine they were flatly denied that opportunity to see what was happening and sound the alarm. Several doctors in Wuhan who alerted their friends on social media that people were mysteriously dying of a highly infectious pneumonia were all silenced. That’s China for you.

On the world stage, most media houses were more concerned about offending the Chinese than halting the spread of the virus. We were being told that there’s no problem eating in Chinese restaurants despite the fact that the customers and food handlers had travelled from China for the lunar year (most traveled holiday of the year). Chinese students were not being vetted and they just kept spreading the disease all because the liberals didn’t want to offend fragile egos.

I was watching CNN one night, around late Jan-early Feb, and they were saying those who had booked a cruise vacation shouldn’t cancel because of the coronavirus. Right now there are 12 cruise ships at sea, one cruise ship in Japan’s waters has 174+ positive cases! It’s like people knew what to do but the messaging was conflicted.

How quickly things change.

That’s okay, I won’t argue with you coz your position on China is well documented here.

Now people are asking for investigation into the relationship between China and the WHO chief because he misled people by downplaying the pandemic and praising China at the beginning. That’s why countries failed to stop the importation of this Chinese plague. It’s like he was reading from xi’s script.

Experts are doubting Germany figure. many infections very few deaths.

That man and the Kenya PS who was reporting before Mutahi kagwe came in are suspect

maybe its just good healthcare…