The world is unequala

White people/wazungu are sooo sensitive & Emotional?..Look at what happend in France, 17 people got killed, The entire “white world” including presidents & prime ministers are “crying” & holding silent protests, in Germany they have the PEGIDA protests which are anti muslim, but in Nigeria Boko Haram this past week alone killed 2000 people, but no one is going to Lagos to “cry” with Nigerians, Kenya we too have lost many people… Inequality is real, some people just don’t matter.

political turmoil aside, the headcount on the terrorist attacks is staggering, why isn’t life considered equal.In fact more should mourn about boko haram killing children and women who did nothing, than a hot head who insulted the prophet.

Boko Haram story was ‘suppressed’ so that international media could focus on their masters. It all depends on which side of you bread is buttered.