The whole world knows....

…that Kenyan Opposition is a bunch of complainers. Nothing happens in this country without them complaining. If you ask them what could have been done,they tell you…you are the one in government blah blah…Obama has seen and voiced that to the whole world…and to worsen baba has only one bullet remaining for 2017. I sometimes feel pity for baba.

chukua Dictionary and look up the word “opposition”…Look here Kamwana was also once an opposition leader…unakumbuka Kamwana when he was still leader opposition once said that the late Saitoti owned a Beetle VW and nw …was a rich guy–my point is opposition is there to criticize Govt …aijalishi kama wako right or wrong

too bad raila is always “opposition”. Even when he’s part of govt, he still plays the “opposition” card.


pls change yr prof pic… weka a lady like PP ata kama ni ya a female mungiki gerrin FGMised

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