The White Slums Of South Africa

Reverse Apartheid in the works. Penda sana hii.



Black ran NGOs helping poor whitie


How should we feel about this ?

You should wank

Never celebrate the misery of people because they are a different race…

That’s the mentality that helped slavery.

Weren’t they there during the apartheid days?. These are like the gypsies of africa,the boers couldn’t be associated with them

Niaje kawambui?

I believe that their ancestors enjoyed life during dem days. Enyewe pesa uisha

The so called developed nations all have slums. Go figure.


Niaje kawambui?

Feeeerkin swwwwwine.

“This universe is finite, its resources, finite. If life is left unchecked, life will cease to exist. It needs correcting.” ― Thanos

It’s sad, no human being needs to endure life like this

The earth has enough resources for everyone, But few people want to make others suffer. Our God created enough for everyone

Black people are very forgiving. Nowhere else do victors allow their past tormentors to live in peace next to them.
Wazungus and Arabs do not understand forgiving. They destroy their enemies the moment they get a chance. They must think that black people are stupid

Then he directed the Israelites to slaughter any race on their path and grab their lands.

God is good all the time and that is his nature wow.

Its because you havent read the bible well, those were hybrids (genetically modified, not humans anymore) because they were giants(nephilims) and offsprings of giants(from humans who cohabited with the fallen angels) . Because of this modification, these people were bent to evil and could not be redeemed. So God wanted to preserve the pure breed through which the messiah would come.

That’s the stupidest thing I have ever read.

There is much you dont know. And this is the same push the devil is doing in these last days(through science ), genetically modified human beings who are unredeemable.

If you honestly believe that the universe was created for man to rule, then I’m sorry to tell you that you are living a well articulated lie.

And until you are truly stable enough to see religion for what it is, then you will miss out on the poetic beauty of science, math, music, art and geometry.

Half the Bible is deeply immersed in paganism, study occult my friend.