The White Man's Religion and Philosophy

Translation: “They told us that our gods were evil, and introduced us to a god’s child that we should worship. They told us if we won’t worship that child we will go to hell and burn forever.”

“And they said that polygamy was unnatural but homosexuality was natural”.



the best alternative we have so far.

or you can also stop using their english too

Only Rasta can liberate the people over hills and valleys too don’t let them fool you don’t believe for a moment that they are with you.

Jesus as a man was more black than white. Egypt and Ethiopia which appear in the Bible are not in the West as far as geography goes. Forsaking ones’ culture isn’t such a good thing but this tired and lame argument holds little or no water.

christianity was also introduced to white men … think about that !

Ain’t nobody talking about those tits? Najua watu hawajaona video.

Chinja ua hao maghaseer wa bible


Religion and colonialism are the worst things to ever happen to black people.

:rolleyes::rolleyes: mabrathe sasa mnatakaje?

We seperate our people from religion as it has not done us any good.

Spot on. Religion shields people from taking responsibility for their bad decisions and miserable lives

Mimi hushangaa sana when people are going through challenges in their lives and they say namwachia mungu. And i just stand there like

Religion has weakened black people especially all this “white jesus” hiyo imeharibu black people akili sana.

you in what brains?
Judging by what you post, you have none

Fair enough.

Remember that demons can speak through people too.

With or without religion a poor man is a poor man. In fact being colonised my have been a blessing in disguise. Look at South Africa upto 1994, look at Zimbabwe upto 1980. They were better developed. South africa is still a head of most other countries look at countries that achieved independence in 1960s and worse in 50s… We blame the White man yet we destroyed everything we had. We have not developed any technology of our own. All we do is blame religion and the white man. We are only mesmerised by how developed china is becoming and waiting for the next generation of electronics to be developed in the west thereafter use the tech to blame religion and the White man. How many people out here are suffering yet they don’t subscribe to any religious beliefs be it African or exotic?

Are you aware China is devoid of organised religion?

Not really. Infact they hold onto theirs faithfully. There are seasons when if you purchase anything from China you will be informed of delays in shipment of up to three weeks due to them observing some ancient times festivals. They literally go on very long holiday during their traditional festivals they are strict than any one of us when it comes to the observation of their religious practices. Jews in as much as currently most of them are atheists they also observe their religion practice Callander with alot of strictness fulfilling every requirement of any festival. In the USA if you are a Christian you must show and keep all records of everything you give to the church and should be made public when necessary. In fact when vying for any seat they will find out if you truly pay your tithes(if you are a Christian) faithful or not and you will be accountable for any omission. Simply put no mideocrity in anything you do like in our nation.