The Weinstein Company

Of pedophiles.
Hollywood has been known to be a paradise of sexual predators, and the latest scandal just adds more onto the mound of dung that is Hollywood personalities.
Emma Watson, Cara Delevigne, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Gwyneth Paltrow were all used by Harvey Weinstein for sexual deeds in exchange for movie deals and Oscar fame.
This is a fresh scandal that sheds more light on the Pizzagate shit that goes down and how most of our idols are sex slaves.

o_Odoesn’t matter had sex:D:D:D

A man will any opportunity to advance his sexual desires, it’s common but shameful if one get caught

Saa hii wote watatoka out of the woodwork to claim they are victims.

Hollywood is a playground for rich perverts, that’s why no one is quick to cast the first stone.

Hiyo coomer si imeombwa.

I once worked for him and i can say he is just but a normal guy who loves tits, pussies and his beer cold. Very nice guy.

Worked for who?