The web runs on AWS. Amazon wananukisha utuungu serious


Halafu after taxes zinabaki ngapi ?? :smiley:

Lakini govt support lazima iwe. You don’t just get to be that big without govt. input . The transmission infrastructure also has govt input and technology.

Obama put them on the map by pushing a huge chunk of the federal government to be hosted there. From the CIA to NASA to almost all the cabinet departments/ministries. Lazima alikula kitu.

A Kenyan minister called for the breaking up of Safaricom. Now it makes sense.

Amazon had huge cloud infrastructure courtesy of their main website which is already one of the biggest in the world.

AWS started after they realised they could lease the extra capacity they had and it soon became their fastest growing divisions and also the most profitable one. They were already huge when they bagged that 600 million dollar CIA contract in 2014

Microsoft ndio batoto ba serikali.

Serikali lazima iwe hapo ndani. Despite common belief alot of technology and standardization comes from the U.S govt.

Once the U.S govt approves of your products and gives you a few tenders then the public at large becomes confident in investing in your products.

And the first port of call is often the American university. The U.S govt funds majority of the research. If a U.S student was doing research into cloud computing in 2001 the U.S govt was very much involved.

From there it becomes a partnership. The govt can partner with Amazon or sell the research to amazon.

Point is you can’t grow that big without aggressive govt. support.

You know even for Amazon to become Amazon he had to have politicians lobbying local producers and manufacturers to use his ecommerce platform. Otherwise huwezi toboa. And a politician has to convince the people that this Amazon thing is good and safe use it. Otherwise hakuna mahali unaenda.

AWS makes 70% of the profits for Amazon. This is huge, given Amazon shopping brings in 70% of the revenue.

Obama has very little to do with Amazons success. Amazon is a remnant of early dot com failures. For the longest, the couldn’t turn a profit. They were forced to build infrastructure to cut costs. In doing so, AWS arose.
Also the US is always behind in technology. And intentionally so. With new technology, you have bugs that hackers can access info. They have to wait for the technology to be tested and bugs are sealed.

That’s the story they tell you on wikipedia. You think that you can just wake up one morning, start an ecommerce platform and become a mbirrionea ecommerce guru by the time you are 40? Don’t be naive.

Do you know how many people started the same business as Amazon and even much earlier than Amazon but never made it? Why?

What’s so special about Bezos that others couldn’t do it?

You think the technology he uses was or is ORDINARY technology? This guy knows the right people. Lazima ujue Clinton na baadaye Bush ndio mambo isonge nyweeeee. Lazima u fund campaign kadhaa…

Otherwise if it was so easy then any programmer in the U.S could do it.

Ask yourself how comes the guy has no worthwhile competitor all these years…na ati he makes no profit. There is always the real story behind the story.

He owns Washington Post and he has sent Trump packing because Trump was fucking with his and his friend’s money.

Trump attacked Bezos mercilessly because he doesn’t pay postal service taxes and he gets billion dollar subsidies from all levels of govt.

Also Bezos has absolute direct links to China where the cheap manufacturing of U.S products is done thus enabling Bezos to become the richest man on earth. He is a direct beneficiary of China and CCP.

Deep state Bezos unleashed Washington Post on poor Trump from day 1. These are the people we call deep state.

Because for Amazon to survive manufacturing must continue in CHINA!!!

Otherwise if manufacturing moves back to the U.S mainland Bezos will make nothing.

Apple will similarly make zero profits. Trump had to go. He was fucking with the food chain.

What do you mean no competitor? Amazon was a loss making company for almost 20 years.

Do you remember that Amazon started as a old book selling company. eBay was well ahead of them. As time moved on they were pretty inefficient because the books were from individual sellers.

You could order a book and the seller doesn’t read his mail for 5 days. Sometimes it would take a month for the book to arrive. Barnes and Noble also sold books. And many others.

As time went on, they started adding merchandise. For the longest, you couldn’t pick them over eBay. They were very inefficient. It is only recently they went full throttle. It’s almost like Walmart of the past did not sell food. Early 2000s Walmart was a merchandise store.

Washington post and Whole Foods are recent acquisitions because the company is cash rich and they want to threaten Walmart.

Bezos is not in merchanding but supply chain. Apple survives off China. Amazon doesn’t depend on China.
Bezos operates a virtual store. That’s how he cuts prices. There’s no advertising like target, no cashiers, no stockers, no rent, etc.

The problem with Trumps tax argument is that he changed the law to improve the wealth of the super rich. Like Jeff Bezos. They pay even less.

Like I told you that is the bullshit story every mbirrionea tells people. All mbirrioneas have a bullshit fake story behind their success.

Hata Bill Gates ati he worked out of a garage… B.S.

Bill Gates just like Bezos is a project of the U.S govt!

Bezos worked in wallstreet and he was highly connected. His Grandfather Lawrence Gise was a very senior person in govt. His stepfather Bezos worked for Exxon.

This is a person who was introduced to the right people very early in life. Jeff Bezos even says so , of how his parents made his dream in life possible. This is not your ordinary American kid.

Thought linkedin would use azure, since it’s Microsoft owned

Who makes the goods that are sold on Amazon???

Use your brains. Without China Bezos would be very poor. China makes cheap goods which equals profits for Bezos.

And Jeff Bezos is no longer interested in America his eyes are dead set on China. He launched AWS China. That is where the big money is!

If CCP govt gave him a military tender Jeff Bezos will probably become a trillionaire. Imagine launching Amazon in China???

And then some guy called Trump is telling you to get out of China. That niggah has to go.

You have to think outside the box a little bit. You purchase your electronics at bestbuy. All the electronics comes from the same place. So Amazon sources from the same place as Bestbuy. Suppliers from all over the world. It’s not like Bezos buys from China and his competitors are locked out. So if China shuts down, a supplier will be found elsewhere.

These last argument you have posted about Trump lowering taxes for the rich I’m 100% sure that you read it on Washington post or deep state media, right?

Believe me it was written to muddy the waters. To show that Trump is fighting for the rich while in fact he was fighting the super rich.

The swamp is too deep. It swallowed him.

You are wrong. Trump was kicked out by the regular civilian. The common man. Everybody I know with a business would have preferred Trump commercially. But disrespecting peoples (health) lives and rights cost him.

:D:D:D Regular civilian in deed. What bad thing has Trump done to ordinary Americans except fight for them???

Stop reading the Washington Post. You are simply being programmed by Bezos. You are a small pawn to be used by these mbirrioneas. Open your eyes!

You really are naive. China is at the very core of manufacturing.

Do you know how much money these U.S billionaires and politicians have invested in China?

They have built whole supply chains in China and Taiwan. They can’t just move elsewhere. Again stop reading the Washington post. This is meffi fed to you by Bezos and friends.