The Watts family :Are relationships and marriage this daunting

All of true crime community can’t get enough of the case of family annihilator Chris Watts. I’m currently listening to the criminal minds analysis of the Netflix Documentary American Murder the family next door. I’m actually realizing that the main protagonist were on their second marriage. The shero who broke this case wide open in real time Nicole was on her 2nd marriage. Shannon Ruzek is on her 2nd marriage actually her last marriage since her husband Chris Watts ends up killing her. Now I’m seeing that statistic of 50% marriages failing. I think in Kenya it is maybe 5% but in US it’s 50% even among Church going Christians. The worst part is that every day 4 women in the US are killed by an exe or a husband or boyfriend. That’s alot. I saw a statistic of the biggest killer of pregnant women being murder by baby daddy. Why are the stakes so high? Add child support and custody battles, women are safer in a terror attack than in a relationship. Its tragic and shocking. In 254 we have seen ugly incidents of children being killed by an exe to spite the mother, we’ve seen child support killings its like the west is catching up with us.

Yaani this guy and Major Mugure killed their kids to avoid child support payments.