The Vibrating Lawyer!!

Ate it’s on demand…mimi siwes!!!


These toys cannot whisper to your ear , Can they:confused::confused: ? …so Nope

Her lips can suck my natural ‘toy’…:wink:

Bad mananasi :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Great to hear unapenda mchuma. Straight meaty muscle complete with a mini-heartbeat. Nice for you love.

Neither can they groan…Or jus pull a Ohhh Baibeee…!

I meant sex should be natural

And thats what am describing love. A d**k, with a mini-heartbeat. The joke is on you!

Kama kulamba maskio jaystyle!

im not judging but after doing a Degree and Masters in LAW huko UK…well i …

She is a nymph! Addicted to rubbing too and needs a team to join her.

Well she pretty . . Ya all respect the hustle. Kazi ni kazi bora pesa

I can bet to my last dollar that she doesn’t have a law degree from UK else from aviation college ya huko.


so she is a dildo monger

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Degree ni degree hata kama ni ya Nairobi aviation collage UK campus. She didn’t claim it was from an accredited institution

Wacheni kuderail listing, @Gaza and @Web Dev

Kwani wee ndio solja wa hapa … tumbili

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these things are sold at diamond plaza kwa wingi…but in the end, have these things been legalized here yet? I think she would be among the first arrested just for show.

@Gaza unajua story ya vile @PepoPunda alienda kwa soja unichapie kwa hii thread.

Wacha nisome tena halafu ni rudi hivi nikuchapie hiyo stori vipoa hapa…

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