The US to send a top prosecutor to support the war against corruption.

“United States Justice Department is set to attach a senior US prosecutor to strengthen the ongoing anti-corruption efforts. This was revealed by the US deputy attorney general Bruce Swartz during meeting with Kenyan delegation," Haji said.

Is the US a member of the Commonwealth? I [SIZE=1]know[/SIZE] I [SIZE=1]could[/SIZE] [SIZE=1]have[/SIZE] [SIZE=1]googled[/SIZE].

Nope. You should have googled you lazy ass piece of Scheisse.

Do you see a desman when you look at your mirror? No? You should. Now I know you’ll google.

we sell ourselves cheap. lets not complain when they buy us even cheaper

not that we don"t have prosecutors, our judges themselves are corrupt and political start with the holier than thou maraga. but our courts wants us to believe those corrupt in kenya are the mps, executive and police only. Having said that, uhuru is very naive he abandoned those judges that stood for truth when he was about to be denied his rightful victory. bure kabisa. now they think this US prosecutor is here to save us, yet he has been sent here for a mission

The same fellows who once said Kenya is not a failed state and has working institutions. Kweli politicians can kill you with their somersaults

this is not true.

i’ll say this, one last time, if you take a shit case to the judge you will get a shit judgement. If you want to secure a case, SECURE THE INVESTIGATOR!

The country whose President and his immediate family have infested the White House to shamelessly enrich themselves, and where the president scuttled investigations by appointing a friendly AG?

So to you covering a senior judge (a person who should be a role model) from answering for some corruption charges was a shitty case to you? Ochestrating to stop an election from being held to put country into chaos is a shitty case?

question 1, the evidence was obtained illegally. who’s fault is that? the investigator. b), it was supposed to be referred to the JSC before so that they set up a tribunal. they didn’t.
question 2, yes. you would rather we perpetuate the same thing so that 5 years later we’re still in the same cycle? if the evidence fit and required nullification, then that’s it. who got all those files before the judge? the investigators.

you want to kill a case, tamper with evidence. who is collecting evidence? the investigator.

Is he an omniscient stroke omnipotent stroke 6-eyed prosecutor? Nkt!! Wezi wanatumaliza na the only people who could help like [SIZE=7]Brian[/SIZE] [SIZE=7]Bera[/SIZE] are themselves helpless and considered mentally ill.