The unxpected leaking of the China Kenya contract and the subsequent " Alshabab attack" at riverside

Is anyone thinking what am thinking???

That’s the first thing I thought when I heard about the incident at riverside.

Some will call it conspiracy theories but we all know the damage iyo leak ungekuwa nayo ka ingeendelea kuhold headlines for several days(China had categorically stated in its terms that that contract was to remain confidential at all costs) and so something big had to be done

how did you know this?

This seems farfetched to me. They wouldnt have targetted a place where you easily may find foreigners and diplomats like that complex. Also, its right nxt to the australian embassy. If they were to do this, they could hit another target like the university that was hit in north eastern. I think ilikua Garissa University.

Why hit a target where you risk bringing in foreign powers if their people/diplomats are hit?

This is not the time for you to come up with retarded conspiracy theories…for fucks sake grow some empathy or something!

Could be true.

Watu unapatanga wame weka picha ya Ruto hukuanga wajinga sana

where’s the leaked contract?

Toa ujinga hapa al shabab

Hii yote ni propaganda

Al Shabaab already owned up to it so this is just coincidence that it happened at the same time with the rumour about the contract

most people expressing ignorance here. alshabaab are just workers, working for pay and spiritual rewards, lakini nyinyi wajinga hamjui alshabaab works for who? terrorists are puppets, and they have their puppeteers, in the horn of Africa the puppeteers happen to be China, CIA, france, Russia…all terrorist attacks have direct links to either China or CIA.

Is this something you can prove?

prove to who? make geopolitics your friend. read wikileaks cables. know how much money is flowing to east africa, from where and for what purpose. know which powers are financing our stay in Somalia, and they are funding us for charity or for what purpose. why were we warned about garrisa attack by cjui it was iran or china? how did they come across such information? why are ethiopian soldiers never attacked by alshabaab? why are foreign intelligence agents going to provide assistance to alshabaab pretend they have been kidnapped? how many planes fly out of wilson airport carrying 2 or 3 wgite men to somalia, daily? huwa wanaenda uko kufanya nini?

Jinga hii you have just said nothing and fuck you and fuck your muhhamad nikimpata naeza weka chuma moto kwa mkundu yake …yes and fuck islam

Good thinking. Sikuwa nimeifikiria hivyo

Empathy is not synonymous with complacency or even stupidity. We pay to have systems to stop such attacks from occurring and those people involved in establishing and running them are in the government. If they fail to run those systems then we must ask questions. Cynicism is the best tool as far as this government is concerned.

Hii ngombe inapenda conspiracy theories mara blackwater…mara NRT…sijui Eric Prince…