The Unfortunate Death Gachaguas Child

Yesterday, this family lost an innocent child to a neighbour’s dogs. I have looked at the images posted online and identified the breed as a Rottweiler. This breed always ranks among the top five most dangerous dogs. Its a good dog in hands of a careful person. However check your neighbourhood for careless owners. From @Kigui

Sasa wewe… Anyway, what I’m saying is that with dogs, you have to be careful. Get the right dog for the right purpose. Most important, train it.

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Lions,panya,kodoo,president,njau,doc.Ni nini inaendelea hapa?

Looking at the title of the thread and your avatar am baffled to what I should respond to.

Coicedene, koicidence

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You forgot khoinsiditens

Stop giving incoherent hekayas also…my kigui

Kwa nini mnaharia thread. You could at least kojolea here and there. Tùgui nyinyi! Get out.

That was one bad @Kigui.

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Rottweiler or Dobermann?

Am actually very surprised many villagers cant differentiate between a son and a grand son.
Matiang’i came too late to curb exam cheating.


What I want to know is are these dogs still breathing? They need to be put down asap. Watu wa PETA kaeeni hukoooo.

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They need to be put down. However, its no dog’s fault. I like big fierce dogs, but I want keep them until I can ensure my neighbors are safe.

Gachaguas child, are you a grammar nazi? Kumbaff :eek::D:D

Na hii ilikua flamebait, sema tu umenipata. :D:D

Grand son is a biig son. Sort of like a grand piano

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Those details are not of great importance to many of us. Kitukuu or kilembwekweza it really doesn’t matter.