The UK virus


corona is a scam and that’s why will keep manufactering more coronas until muchoke na hii ushenzi. OPunda nyiniyiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

It’s a tragedy what’s happening now.

Having lost colleagues, seniors and juniors to this so called “Scam”. I wonder why we are not banning the flights from London, in matters Corona Virus caution is the best option.


Tulisema kitambooooooo thread that due to mutation hakuna kitu kama vaccine for a constantly changing lifeform such as a virus. Mwili just has to find a way to fight this thing off every time inakam, in other words we ourselves have to mutate/evolve kiasi and develop resistance ourselves to whichever strain steps up same way we balanced out with influenza

Vaccine ni ujinga tupu

Heeeh hee!!!