The ugliest car i have ever seen

who designed this atrocity

I thought I was alone! Very urgly. Dont like them.

Number plate Ndio hio hapo, Fanya searching ujue mwenyewe akushow

NEMA should be serious with the plastics ban.

Pwegegegegegegegege mtu hujikuna mahali anafikia, unawez pata wewe ni pauper wa kupanda lorries zimegeuzwa matatu lakini Ktalk hushikiki

Ngojea shule zifunguliwe, hii mambo ya kuomba mzazi 20 bob ya bundles ndio uingie ktalk haileti bidii.

Its small and its supposed to look like that. You think you can get those long sleek contour lines on something that small?



I think the car actually looks nice. lakini si gari ya mwanaume.

The car looks good and I’m sure it’s gentle with petrol

My offer still stands …prius. let me know when you change your mind

Na usiseme ni ya wanawake.

I find the Nissan March O.K. Which reminds me, my bro finds the Mark X hideous to look at while I thinks it looks good. Beholder manenos

How much is its battery currently when it goes kaput? I know it ain’t that cheap.

Over 300k

Nime-avoid rant za @GeorginaMakena
I think the car looks like it should belong to a highscool/college girl.

Pwegegegegege umeumwa :smiley:


And Kenyan imported used ones have already clocked seven to eight years out there… So tick tock tick tock

Asante bro, but I don’t think so.
I’ll stand here with my bike.

Just incase you reconsider that is. Things change :slight_smile: