The truth on banning of Trump from Twitter

I must admit that Trump of late did not carry himself maturely. He should have contested the results in the court and accepted the outcome or the judgement of the court instead of resorting to extra constitutional means of maandamano.
Nevertheless i completely oppose the banning of Trump from Twitter Facebook Instagram and other social media accounts. I feel like we are entering an era of dictatorship that shall be led by corporate and private sector and if we do nothing about it… The corporate sector shall reign over us and they are guys with no mandate at all from the voters.
I support Murkomen statement on this

Are you missing his drama already.

Private companies do not owe you a platform

I don’t think you understand the seriousness of mobilizing your followers to invade a building full of lawmakers of the land.

Him being banned from all social media is to safeguard American citizens. It is the right thing to do. In many other countries the man would be facing a court of law on treason charges


Management reserves the right of admission.

Ask Angela Makelele whether Germans would let her get away with inciting rioters to invade the German parliament while in session

Also ask her whether she owns the twitter platform

[ATTACH=full]344329[/ATTACH]Compare and contrast Hong Kong parliament invaders and Americans…

Wait until the right wingers resume denying entry to gaylords and lgbt etc…:D:D:D

Censorship should not be acceptable anywhere. If Trump broke the law then he should be prosecuted in a court of law.
I hope somebody sues Twitter and take it up to the supreme court

China recently jailed the Hong Kong rioter Joshua Wong for just 13 months. Consider he led the storming of Hong Kong parliament. parliament. For very many days.

Do please petition the Chinese govt to enhance considerably Joshua Wong punishment. Then we can take yoi seriously.

how ignorant can you be/get??.. have you been living in pluto all along??

The US leadership is filled with pretentious pompous two faced double speaking morally righteous pricks… to them what’s good for the other’s goose is definitely awful for their gander

The banning of Trump is very scary, esp the ban on Twitter, which was effected after he tweeted that he would not attend the swearing in of Biden,
The law does not specify that the outgoing president needs to attend or even concede defeat… this really irked the democrats that Trump would not be there to do validation for the new regime after claiming the elections were stolen from him… it was also a platform to humiliate him.

The banning was personal according to me… and this is very scary for the new connected world we are heading to …this is just a private platform that is just one of the many… imagine a world where the platforms are few and controlled by a few entities and ideologically biased …

imagine an internet controlled by a few people, that determine what you share and what you consume ?

sounds like the catholic inquisition all over again but now led by left leaning liberals … we are back to square one…

Should private companies determine who becomes president and who does not, on behalf of the citizens?

Why don’t you try inciting people to match and storm Statehouse in protest and see the consequences.

Trump called neo-Nazis good people. How? He has emboldened the hate groups. He used those platforms to do it. They have to cover their ass from liability.

It’s akin to you going to rob a bank and you’re the get away driver. You’re equally liable as the guys that go into the bank and pull out the guns.

Hence the vacumming up of all your data.


Is it private companies who vote?

Its private companies which influenced the outcome, not the voters.

Oh really? So twitter told people to vote for Biden and that’s a huge problem eh?
FOX news and Newsmax also told people to vote for Trump. Was that a huge problem as well?