The Troll Award Goes To....

…the owner of this Land Cruiser who didn’t pay parking fees, Kanjo amechoka, amesimama hapo thinking how the hell do I clamp this thing???



:)Maybe thats the owner


Hao ufunga actros ni hiyo wata shidwo? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think I saw some white guy with that thing

How long can the kanjo guy wait for you to appear? Do they eventually give up and remove their clamps?

After waiting for some time they call a tow truck and securing it’s release from their yard is 12K.

Hakuna utroll hapo. If the Kanjo wants that guy to pay, trust me he will have to pay. There are many ways they can use to punish the vehicle owner.

Some even deflate the tires,hehe. Btw there’s no clamp that can be used for that tire size.

Nooo. I have seen them clamping prime movers in Msa especially at around Jomvu