The tongue is a very powerful weapon..look what happened to quincy

When the International Criminal
Court announced that Uhuru
Kenyatta was among the six key
suspects who played a major role
in the 2007 Post Election Violence,
Esther Arunga’s hubby, Quincy,
was among those who celebrated
and prayed for his arrest.
Quincy threw all manner of
insults at the President and
predicted that he will rot in jail.
He even claimed that God showed
him in a dream that Raila will be
sworn in as the President as
Uhuru suffers in a foreign jail.
But a few months after his
prophecy, God’s wrath has turned
on him and he is now cooling his
heels in an Australian cell for
torturing his three year old son to
Quincy now risks life
imprisonment in a foreign prison
just the way he had predicted for
As the Bible says, don’t touch
God’s anointed and Quincy failed
to honour this and his life is in a

huyu alikua na shida zake tu…

Sasa nani amesema uhuru ni God’s annointed? don’t mix politics with religion.

hahaha sam good question…

sam mgani hapa??

mark pole uzee umeingia