the thirst(usoto) is real!! Dandora man electrocuted while siphoning

A man was killed by electric shock while siphoning oil from a transformer in Nairobi on Sunday night.

His body was found hanging upside down from electric cables on the transformer in Dandora on Monday morning,

“The man stepped on live wires then fell onto other live wires leading to his instant death,”

Residents said the oil is used for cooking at a nearby hotel.

kama inatumiwa kupika mbona kenyapower wasiweke sumu to deter any such usage.


chips ya transformer oil huwanga soft sana.

Mafuta ya Transformer lasts longer than ordinary mafuta

Chipo mwitu, za transformer oil, ni tamu sana

Serves him right.

usiwe hivo, kabla mtu apande hio transformer imagine ile situation alikuwa… We shud blame the Govt 4 unemployment and usoto Huyo boy was only trying to put food on the table…sasa ona

Wee ni nini? wasee watakufa. Labda ata wewe. Siuwache Kenya Power ifeed watu juu ata its a crappy organisation.

If you are the person than blames everyone apart from himself you really fucked up and it’s true you fucked up

How people can be judgemental in their comfort. Labda huyo mtu hajakula siku kadhaa. Thats a very desperate action for an adult. Maybe he is also trying to avoid being lynched for snatching bags from you wives/gfs. Na labda he isnt well educated kama wewe. He doesnt know his way around like you.

Why would a reasoning person do such a stupid thing knowing that the probability of being dry fried by the elec is very high, kama ni kusota kuna njia mingi ya kupata doh, vijana hawataki kuhustle wanataka quick cash

I am just trying to tell you people that this guy cannot make the judgements that you are able to make. This is the farthest akili yake inaweza reason. So you think the guy is an engineering graduate? He was very confident that he knows the live parts of the whole system and where to touch and where not to touch. He thought this was less risky than other options.

@Ingia do not attribute stupidity to poverty.

But there is a strong relationship betweenthe two.

no that is the perspective, truth be told stupidity knows no bounds but laziness can be heavily be attributed to poverty.

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I would love to attend his funeral niskie vile watu watamsifu.

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Working hard is never obviously a way to riches.

@Ingia what is riches? ow do you define it? is it wealth ‘material’. If you are comfortable with what you have you are very rich but even wealthy people say they are not rich.

Rich is what it means. If you arent rich stop excusing yourself and accept reality. Rich people say they are not rich because they is nothing as bad as envy from people who have nothing to lose. The rich have their insecurities too.

@Ingia didnt say i am rich coz i aint comfortable ith what i have i need more. There is saying that goes a poor man sleeps in aslumber while rich man sleeps on a thorny bed.